Stop Being Polite and Speak the Truth. Our Country Depends On It. 

For too long, conservatives have been afraid to be blunt about the issues that progressives have held as emotional hostages.



National security.


Conservatives tend to be more likely to be law-abiding, polite, Christians, and so for far too long they’ve been afraid to speak the truth about the concerns they have for this country.

This is where President Donald Trump breathed new life into the Republican Party, as much as many of its members would hate to admit it.

To this day, Trump’s gruff manner and less-than-politically-correct way of speaking (or, more specifically, tweeting) are still often pointed to on the right as reasons why a voter may not support the man, but supports his policies.

The harsh truth of the matter is, however, that we needed someone to come along and shamelessly speak the, well, harsh truth.

We have been standing by while the radical progressive left destroys our country because we were afraid of being called rude.

So, do you like the results?

Our streets are burning. Our children are being indoctrinated. It is now considered racist to enforce the law. Police officers have targets on their backs.

This is a takeover, people.

Being polite doesn’t just fail to get us anywhere…it has made us more vulnerable than ever.

The left isn’t polite. The left doesn’t sidestep around the issues they care about the most.

They hate you, they hate me, they hate religion, they hate the Constitution, they hate the police, they hate the rule of law and law and order. Did I miss anything?  They tell us so, all the time. They call us “deplorable,” “bigoted,” “hateful,” “racist.” And that is the stuff I can print here. The other names I should not to keep this family-friendly reading.

They are bullies, and they’re winning. The reason they’ve gotten louder and more violent is that conservatives finally started punching back.

If you are a Christian, then you are a poor witness to a God of righteousness, justice, and truth if you sacrifice these eternal values for the sake of being “loving,” aka spineless and nice.

Being “nice” is not a virtue if you are standing by while your nation is governed by corruption and immorality and it is not an effective countermeasure to the left’s assault on our freedom and liberty.

If you truly love others, then you believe that they also should live in a nation of laws, of order, of justice.

Is it really loving to stand by while your neighbor’s community is burned to the ground, while those who protect and serve are attacked, while the justice system goes out the window and lawlessness and anarchy reign the day?

That’s not loving at all. It’s cowardly. Yes, I said that. It makes you a coward. Maybe that will offend you into fighting back.

So the choice is yours. Are you going to keep being polite…or are you actually going to stand up for what you believe and truly love your neighbor?

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