Strong Majority of Americans Oppose Antifa. So, Why Does the Press Keep Covering for Them?

We live in a free country…supposedly.

Our free press, however, is controlled by Big Media and powerful, private corporations that manipulate narratives for distinctly ideological reasons.

Journalists employed in this corporate media complex feigned outrage when President Donald Trump referred to the “fake news” as the “enemy of the people,” but he’s absolutely correct.

It’s not a free press that opposes the best interest of the American people; a free press is essential for the perpetuation of our republic.

It’s a biased and arrogant corporate press that seems to think they can decide where we stand on the issues most seriously impacting our nation.

According to recent polling, a strong majority of Americans oppose Antifa, yet this insurrectionist group that advocates for the killing of police officers and the overthrow of the US government, is treated as noble and heroic by the press.

“There has been a very dishonest agenda that’s been pushed by civil society organizations, the political establishment on the Left, and journalists working hand-in-hand,” journalist Lara Logan, who has been one of the few voices speaking out against the biases of the corporate media complex, told Fox & Friends last month.

“[Namely] that Antifa is a nonviolent organization, that even when they do use violence, it’s somehow justified because they’re fighting fascists,” she added.

Do we have a media complex that speaks for Americans, or one that is imposing its own will on the public?

The Western Journal reports:

A recent poll found that a strong majority of Americans have a favorable view of the police while over half have a negative view of Antifa.

The latest Harvard CAPS-Harris poll of registered voters found that 68 percent of respondents had a favorable view of the police and only 24 percent had an unfavorable view.

Only 14 percent of respondents held a favorable view of antifa while 55 percent held an unfavorable view of the left-wing “anti-fascist” movement.

Only 14% of Americans have a favorable view of what is by every definition a terrorist group.

So why does the media continue to downplay or ignore the damage being caused by this dangerous ideology?

I’ll tell you why: because Americans aren’t pushing back against these narratives hard enough.

Journalists and media outlets who ignore the damage Antifa has caused and the true, radical nature of their narratives will continue to push whatever garbage they believe can be considered “news” in today’s loose standards of the term.

Stop just ignoring the “fake news,” and start calling them out. There’s no point in staying in conservative echo chambers that reaffirm our worldview. There is a silent majority out there that can remain silent no longer. It is time for people to stand and be counted and make their voices heard.

All these outlets have comment sections, email addresses, social media accounts. Expose their lies and use the powerful tools we have at our disposal to hold our press accountable to its calling to report the truth.

If they want to befriend the people again, it’s time the people started reminding them what their job is supposed to be.

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