Take The High Road My Ass

Imposter President-elect Joe Biden can take his call for unity and shove it.

Trump supporters should be appalled at the notion of it. Think about what we have endured for four straight years from the American left, the Democrats, and their accomplices in the media.

We had to endure insults, smears of being hate-filled racists. We had to endure physical attacks and intimidation at our businesses and in front of our homes. Some lost their jobs for being Trump supporters or saying something clumsy on social media. Trump supporters have had to go underground in their support of this duly elected President. We weren’t allowed to proudly display our patriotism. Both honoring the flag and Old Glory herself have been turned into symbols of white supremacy, superiority, and privilege.

White Trump supporters were called inherently biased just because of the color of their skin and made to undergo forced training about their inherent biases that didn’t exist.

Our children have been indoctrinated without our approval with toxic waste like critical race theory and that America continues to this day of being systemically racist in garbage fiction like the 1619 Project.

Black supporters are called traitors to their race. We have been bullied and harassed in public spaces. Putting a Trump bumper sticker on your car made it a target for vandalism. Wearing a MAGA hat made us targets for physical and verbal assault. We were silenced and had to whisper about our support for this President. Friends abandoned us because we had a different point of view about Trump.

We suffered in silence as our statues were toppled and removed and our history books were obliterated and altered. We watched as our cities were set on fire, our business were looted and torched, and the police were physically attacked and made to stand down as rioting went on unchecked. Those arrested were not held to account or charged with crimes, only to be immediately released from custody to re-join the fracas.

Lockdown orders by Governors in Democrat-controlled states in an effort to destroy Trump’s roaring economy led to businesses permanently closing, people losing their jobs, and onerous restrictions placed on our freedom and liberty.

At the national level, Trump never received a peaceful transition of power as Barack Obama aided by the deep state conspired to orchestrate a silent coup and undo the will of we the people, the voters who fairly elected Donald Trump and without cheating.

The FBI knowingly used a phony dossier paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign to obtain search warrants and wiretaps on the Trump campaign, an unprecedented move that led to the prosecution of Trump advisers like national security advisor General Michael Flynn (Ret) whose case still labors in federal court even after the US  Justice Department admitted errors and department policy violations and asked that the case be dismissed.

An activist judge refuses to give Flynn justice by dismissing the case. There are no calls from the left on how justice delayed is justice denied. We had to endure a two-year phony Mueller Commission stacked with Clinton and Obama supporting lawyers and donors try to frame Trump with high crimes.

This was followed by a politically motivated impeachment devoid of proof of wrongdoing in an on-going attempt to remove Trump from office. We waited for those involved to be indicted. Those indictments never came and now never will.

We watched as Big Tech punished our free expression on social media sites by suspending us for picayune-ish reasons that they said violates their “terms of service” that always seem to be enforced on a sliding scale and only against conservatives.

We had to watch images like the bloody severed head of President Trump posted on social media and images of Trump hung in effigy that was called free speech. He was publicly compared to Hitler and other despicable tyrants.

This is just some of what we endured for four straight years and now Biden is calling for unity?


Get bent, dude.

Trump supporters need to make it very clear that there will be no such unity. Now it’s our turn. We need to do unto them as they did onto us. We don’t need to lose our souls doing it but we need to fight back, not call a truce. Never. Not after being tormented and terrorized for four straight years by the Democrat Party, Hollywood celebrities and CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post, 24-7. It is time to give them a dose of their own medicine. If we don’t, we validate their evil. I won’t do that and neither should you.

We start by not recognizing Biden’s ill-gotten election gain, like the left did in not recognizing Trump. We must not see Biden as the legitimate President due to all the irregularities with the made-up along the way election rules in swing states. We must resist any attempt to normalize Joe Biden like leftist subversives from Share Blue, Media Matters, CREW, and American Bridge said in a confidential playbook about Donald Trump that I obtained.

We must demonize Biden and continually demand that the GOP led Senate investigate and conduct endless hearings over the Hunter Biden computer and Joe Biden’s role in it and his other corrupt associations. Let Biden have to drag this ball and chain around everywhere he goes. We must harass and frustrate any Biden administration attempts to govern. We must burden Biden officials with endless ethics complaints and other lawful tactics.

We are the insurgents now, the freedom fighters, the opposition. We will use the same guerrilla style political warfare tactics that the left designed.  Let’s give them 4 years of hell like they gave us. Then they can let us know how it feels.

It’s not time for unity, it’s time for payback.

Sheriff David Clarke Jr. is former Sheriff of Milwaukee Co, Wisconsin, President of AmericasSheriff LLC, Board member of the Crime Research Center, author of the book Cop Under Fire: Beyond Hashtags of Race Crime and Politics for a Better America. To learn more visit www.americassheriff.com

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