Teachers’ Union Says Schools Aren’t Safe, But Apparently Al Sharpton Events Are

During the annual convention of the American Federation of Teachers this year, union head Randi Weingarten declared that teachers are so afraid of teaching in-person classes this fall that they were “quitting in droves” and “making their wills”.

That definitely sounds very afraid.

FrontPage Mag’s Daniel Greenfield explains that this fear was so severe, in fact, that the AFT had threatened a strike were they expected to show up in a classroom to teach their students in person.

A dramatic New York City demonstration organized by the United Federation of Teachers, an affiliate of the AFT, displayed cardboard coffins, fake body bags, and skeleton t-shirts to express their indignation at the prospect.

Greenfield explains that “A Halloween skeleton attached to a garbage bag held a cardboard sickle and a message written next to dripping blood, ‘Welcome Back to School’. ‘I can’t teach from a cemetery,’ one sign claimed. Another declared, ‘We Won’t Die for the Department of Education.’”

If you think it’s ironic to show up in person to protest showing up in person, that’s probably because it is. And, Greenfield notes, the march indeed had little social distancing.

Another event that also appears to have had little social distancing was a 50,000-strong rally in Washington, D.C. that, for some odd reason, didn’t seem anywhere near as scary as a classroom with roughly 30 8-year-olds to these terrified teachers:

A few weeks after the death march, the AFT’s teachers took a break from making out their wills to get on buses and travel to Washington D.C. to take part in Sharpton’s 50,000 person rally.

The AFT was described as “mobilizing” for the Get Your Knee off Our Necks Commitment March in Washington D.C. which included lots of hate, but few coronavirus precautions.

Photos showed staffers from the country’s second-largest teachers’ union holding signs in close proximity to each other. Randi Weingarten tweeted a photo of herself embracing two other union bosses, elbow bumping Martin Luther King III, posing with the head of the Human Rights Campaign, and then with Al Sharpton, who has one arm loosely draped across her body.

Unless the AFT head shares a household with Sharpton, that’s not social distancing. But photos repeatedly show Sharpton in tight groups of people, sometimes without a mask.

And then Weingarten mounted the podium, and with her mask down, and a huge crowd to her side, began shrieking, “How much pain must black people endure?” However much pain black people have endured, the white union boss’ shrieks could only have added pain and saliva.

At one point, she screamed, “180,000 people dead of COVID” so loudly while flailing her arms that a march volunteer standing next to her stumbled backward.

If Weingarten were infected, she might have killed more black people than the police ever did.


How does anyone manage to adhere to such a glaring double-standard without hurting themselves?

The UFT has been “advising members to not enter school buildings for anything other than retrieving classroom materials and supplies”…but densely-attended Washington, D.C. marches are OK?

There will be no great loss with teachers not showing up and even an upside. With the abysmal math and reading scores of urban K-12 schools there does not appear to be much actual learning going on anyway. And think about this. The liberal social indoctrination of these young impressionable minds will be put on hold.

All these billions of dollars poured into coronavirus research, and all along, the key to immunity has been social justice outrage over perceived systemic racism.

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