Texas Police Group Warns “Enter at Your Own Risk” Outside City That Has Defunded Police

What happens to a community when law-abiding citizens can no longer rely on the police to protect and serve because they’ve been knee-capped by feckless politicians?

Citizens must be prepared to take the law into their own hands. It is their God-given right in the absence of state authority to enforce law and order. The individual has to become his and her own authority. When that happens, things get ugly.

Two billboards outside Austin, Texas are warning anyone who enters via Interstate 35 that they may just be on their own should they find themselves the victim of a crime.

The Daily Wire reports that one billboard reads “Warning! Austin defunded police. Enter at your own risk!” in reference to a vote from the Austin city council to cut the police budget.

A second billboard warns, “Limited support next 20 miles.”

The group responsible for this chilling message is the Texas Municipal Police Association, who revealed their plans on Facebook on Wednesday:

Today, TMPA released two billboards (pictured below), along Interstate 35, entering Austin, intended to raise public awareness that Austin is a defunded city. This reckless act, a political stunt by the city council pandering to the radical left, will do nothing but endanger the people of Austin.

As the largest police association in Texas, it is our duty and responsibility to stand up for the brave men and woman of the APD, as well as the other law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction within the city limits which will have less of APDs resources to depend on, and to raise public awareness of the dangers of defunding not just Austin, but any city across the U.S.

The campaign has received praise from some of Texas’ top elected officials, such as Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick who posted a picture of the “great new billboards” on social media with the hashtag #BackTheBlue.

Governor Greg Abbot also approved.

Abbot has pledged to oppose any efforts to defund police and requested other lawmakers to join him in this commitment.

“I sign this Texas Backs the Blue Pledge to oppose any efforts to defund the police and to show my support for the brave law enforcement officers who risk their lives to protect and serve. Defunding our police departments would invite crime into our communities and put people in danger. That is why I pledge to support any measure that discourages or stops efforts to defund police departments in Texas,” the pledge states.

“Our law enforcement officers have our backs every single day, and we need to show them that Texans have their backs. #TexasBacksTheBlue”

Governor Abbott and Lieutenant Governor Patrick representing Texas know very well that in Texas talk is cheap and that you don’t mess with Texas. The Governor needs to put his money where his mouth is and cut state aids in public safety funding to those local boards that defund police.

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