The Bigger Picture Around The War on Police

The left, in its desperate attempts to rally voters around the blood-stained banner of wokeness during the George Floyd riots, started pushing the “defund the police” message.

Even now, with the massive unpopularity of that deranged message well known, many of them still push the claim that police need to be defunded and demand that police stop policing certain crimes.

From gangbangers to petty criminals, those that commit crimes in many leftist cities are let off with a slap on the wrist, if that. Cops, when they intervene and try to protect law-abiding citizens and businesses from the ravages of criminals, are often punished if they step in, attacked for dealing with the violent criminals and berserk thugs rampaging around the cities.

Just look at the witch-hunt perpetrated against those involved in the Jacob Blake shooting if you want to see how cops were treated for protecting themselves and citizens from an armed and violent criminal.

But the war on police that the left is waging isn’t just because they don’t like cops: no, it’s a war on liberty, a dual-headed monster meant to ravage American freedom.

The first way it’s doing so is by replacing the rule of law with the rule of the jungle. Liberty can only survive with civilization intact. To be free to go about your business without fear, to live without having to bend your life to the whims of a dictator or the demands of a harsh environment, civilization is needed.

Without civilization, you’re either the serf of whatever warlord rises (were those in CHAZ free? Do those living under some warlord in Somalia or the Democratic Republic of the Congo live lives of liberty?) or constantly in fear of nature eradicating you. That’s not liberty, that’s a life of servitude or life in a state of nature. The police are needed to maintain civilization, to maintain the basic structures of society that let liberty thrive.

Beyond that, it’s not all police that the left are intent on eradicating. It’s local police, local sheriffs and deputies that they’re waging war on. Why? Because they want to replace them with federal police that aren’t tied to any community but are instead loyal to the federal government and federal government only.

Local cops and the county sheriff are embedded in their communities: they might not show up to take your guns or seize your property if your cause is just and the diktat demanding they do so is tyrannical.

Federal cops will. Just look at the Waco massacre if you want to see how federal police modeled after the ATF and FBI will behave: they’ll be more than willing to attack your liberty if the feds demand it. But the left can only get to the point of controlling such police forces if it first eradicates local police. So that’s exactly what it’s doing.

Stand up to tyranny. Fight for liberty by fighting for the preservation of your local police force.

This story syndicated with permission from The Liberty Leader

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