THE TRUMP INDICTMENT: When Do Conservative Fighters Start Swinging Back?

There’s little doubt that former President Donald Trump was cheated out of his second term back in 2020. How can a candidate receive the sheer number of votes that he did, 73.6 million, which is a total of 7 million more than any sitting president in history, and still end up losing? Shenanigans. That’s how. Fraud. And lots of it.

An assault on the American people and the liberty we hold dear was launched during that election and it has continued ever since. Really, this offensive by the left started even further back, in 2016, when Trump first popped on the political scene and ended up beating Hillary Clinton, a now twice-failed presidential candidate, to become the President of the United States.

The Deep State, a shadowy element comprised of power hungry progressives that have basically created their own little government within the government, then began working around the clock to remove Trump and silence his supporters, as they viewed both as legitimate threats to their grand plans to keep and increase power for themselves, lording it over the American people.

Sounds wacky? Well, we know for a fact it’s true. Look at how Democrats have placed the former president under never ending assault. The Deep State impeached him twice, yet both times he was acquitted. They have accused him of being in league with Russia to manipulate an election. We saw the Deep State deploy the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a weapon against Trump when they raided his Florida estate in an attempt to dig up dirt on him involving “classified documents” as a means of trying to nail him on a felony charge and prevent his run for president.

When that didn’t work, the progressives went after him again over tax and business documentation. And that’s where we are today. Former President Trump has been indicted concerning an alleged hush money payment he made to a porn star in the form of a non-disclosure agreement. Which, by the way, is not illegal. And they know that, which is why Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is trying to get Trump on falsifying business records for the manner in which the payment was recorded.

The Deep State and their foot soldiers out in our culture and society hate you. They despise your way of life. You see, they are convinced they can perfect human nature and create a utopian society. All that’s need is the right people — the elites — with the right set of laws, and complete obedience from you and I, the little people. Progressives know what’s best, folks. Can’t you see that?

That’s what they want you to believe. What they want you to think.

See, to the progressives, the average American and the mostly center-right values they hold to have gotten in the way and prevented this pipe dream from becoming reality. Therefore, they want to destroy you and the values our nation was founded on so they can attempt to do what only God can do. The hubris of believing that mankind can be god and perfect this world and return it to Eden is mind-blowing.

But what they are not taking into account is that the ones at the top of their movement are corrupt. Sure, they might sort of buy into the utopian ideal, but mostly, they want power and money, to enslave people to keep them rich. And that includes the useful idiots beneath them, the activists, the politicians, the Hollywood actors, novelists, and others who push propaganda on behalf of “the cause.”

America’s Sheriff, David Clarke, in the latest episode of his podcast, discusses this and the need for a new type of conservative fighter to step up to the plate and actually take to the streets in an organized, peaceful fashion — not anything like Jan. 6 — and make their voices heard. Taking back the country isn’t something that can be done casually from behind a computer desk. It takes real, personal action.

Unfortunately, it seems fear has oozed into the pores of a good chunk of the American people, conservatives included. The sheriff talks about fear and overcoming it in the podcast, which you can find on Rumble and other major platforms. Make sure you follow him on those platforms so you can stay up to date on the latest podcast episodes.

Sheriff Clarke also has a bestselling book you can purchase called Cop Under Fire: Moving Beyond Hashtags of Race, Crime, and Politics for a Better America.

If you’d like to show your support for America’s Sheriff, be sure to sign up for the Straight Shooter VIP Club. You’ll receive a mug, coffee, and special invitations to attend podcast events throughout the year.

You can also see Sheriff Clarke in a new series streaming on TruBlu Streaming Service called Police: In the Line of Fire.

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