The United States Has Spent $161.5 MILLION of Your Tax Dollars to Keep 9/11 Terrorists Alive

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

Last week, it was revealed that confessed 9/11 terrorist mastermind and other prisoners at Guantanamo Bay prison were set to receive the COVID-19 vaccination as millions of Americans still awaited theirs.

Just read that again and let it sink in: is there any one sentence more painfully emblematic of the last two decades of federal corruption?

Fox News is calling Khalid Sheikh Mohammed the “most expensive person on earth” after reporting that U.S. taxpayers have spent a crippling $161.5 million to house him and imprison him.

The cost of this jihadi terrorist to the country he attacked in the name of his false god has received new scrutiny when it came to light last week that he was set to receive a vaccination as he continues to await his death penalty trial.

The trial, of course, has been delayed, due to the (say it with me now) coronavirus pandemic.

The pentagon has since put a stop to the plans to vaccinate Mohammed, but of course, the American people will not be getting any kind of refund for the millions we’ve poured into keeping him alive for almost two decades after he planned the attack that killed nearly 3,000 people on American soil.

Guantanamo Prison has 40 inmates and Fox News estimates that it costs about $9.5 million and $13 million per year to house them.

For comparison, the outlet estimated that the most expensive “supermax” prison housing American prisoners is just $78,000 per year. The problem there is that once he’s on US soil and in a federal prison, some lefty lawyer will petition a US court for jurisdiction away from a military tribunal. Then the fun would really start.

The estimate of $161.5 million is based on an NPR low-end estimate of $9.5 million per year to operate Gitmo, times the 17 years that Mohammed has been awaiting trial.

A New York Times estimate put the cost per prisoner to be over $13 million, potentially $221 to house them.

Fox News estimated that the military prison has cost the American taxpayers $6 billion since it opened.

It’s also been 12 years since President Barack Obama vowed to close the prison—within his first 100 days in office.

Now, during his first two weeks in office as President himself, Obama’s former Vice President got this close to making sure its highest-profile inmate didn’t get the COVID.

“I think it’s crazy,” former President Donald Trump previously said, as noted by Newsmax. “Look, President Obama said that Guantánamo Bay would be closed, and he never got it done.”

The facility has been accused of both “gross financial waste” and “gross mismanagement,” per the Fox News report.

“America’s tiniest boutique prison, reserved exclusively for alleged geriatric jihadists,” they quoted Capt. Brian L. Mizer, a Navy lawyer who has represented Guantanamo detainees, as saying.

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