This Country is Destroying Itself With “Wokeness” After Decades of Fighting For Their Freedom

Ireland fought for its freedom for decades, if not centuries. Year after year, IRA terrorists (or freedom fighters, depending on perspective) fought British troops in the streets, detonated bombs outside of pubs, and even raised an organized, armed force to fight the British Army in a set-piece battle (the Easter Rising).

Yet, just a few decades after earning that freedom, they’ve given it up. After years of fighting, thousands of deaths, and an inestimable amount of misery, the Irish have surrendered their freedom, giving it up without a fight.

And to whom did the Irish surrender their hard-won liberty? The left, the woke, the progressive NGOs that have done so much to destroy the West. Yet worse, the Irish are funding the leftist NGOs that are destroying their culture. As reported by Conor Fitzgerald on UnHerd:

[Ireland] has around 33,000 NGOs. The state funds them to the tune of around €5 billion every year, comprising 8% of the national budget. For context, the Irish health service, its largest single item of expenditure, got €21 billion in the last budget.

The organizations funded are almost exclusively socially progressive. The National Council of Women has historically been a relatively neutral organization, but in recent years it has adopted increasingly progressive positions, such as signing a letter asking the Government to no-platform gender critical voices.”

Describing what the funding of those organizations means, how the left-wing NGOs the Irish fund are ripping Ireland’s heritage to pieces, Fitzgerald then says:

This is reflective of a broader socio-cultural drift to the Left in Ireland, which has seen the introduction of an immigration amnesty, gender self-ID, and hate speech laws. In each case the Government kept the right kind of NGOs close at hand in reaching their final position.

And who is it that is raking in taxpayer money? Only the leftists that want to destroy Ireland, of course, not the groups that want to keep its culture intact:

But no immigration-restrictionist, free-speech or gender-critical NGOs are recipients of an ounce of government largesse: the money all goes on the other side of the scale. The large number of Catholic or Catholic-aligned organisations funded by the state are either silent on these issues or actively on the progressive side.

One fan of the article, posting it on Twitter and commenting on the issue, went so far as to call Ireland “a progressive NGO with a state.”

Though likely to ruffle a few feathers, West has a point: when a government is spending a large fraction of the amount it spends on healthcare on funding those that want to destroy it, is it really a state anymore? Or is it more akin to an NGO that also does state-like activities?

Beyond that, however, Fitzgerald’s criticism of Ireland is highly, highly concerning for the West, where NGOs, many of which are funded and directed by leftists like George Soros, run rampant.

Those NGOs have agendas that are antithetical to our values; they must be stopped, not entertained, much less funded.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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