This is How Globalism Affects Our Liberties And Why We Should Avoid it at All Costs

Globalism is more than just the moving of factories to sources of cheap labor, the financialization of the West, and (now) the ability for viruses to plague not only the country of origin and those close by, but all countries within the vast web of the globalist network.

No, globalism isn’t just economic and medical in nature, it’s also a homogenizing force. With globalism and the nature of the globalist system comes a pressure system that forces nations to conform and adopt whatever the standard of the day is.

Hence why France is suddenly afflicted with the American plague of critical race theory, BLM riots were happening in England, and nations like China and Singapore are frequently excoriated for not conforming to Western norms.

That demand for homogeneity even continues at the point when it becomes absurd, such as when the American-led mission in Afghanistan was waving the rainbow flag above the embassy in Kabul while gender studies dollars were being spent in Pakistan and Afghan villagers were being shown “urinal art.” Or why Russia, Hungary, and Poland are savagely attacked by the US and Western Europe for not adopting each and every gender belief of blue-haired college professors.

Yes, all that happened, and it was absurd, but it shouldn’t have been unexpected: globalism and globalists demand homogeneity whatever the cost, circumstance, or ludicrousness of the situation. Hence why millions were spent on gender studies in a region stuck in the dark age. First it was all of the US that had to bend to the demands of the rainbow mafia, the transgender crowd, and the abortion pushers. Now it’s all of the world; that’s just a continuation of the trend.

But it gets worse: it’s not just that the push for homogeneity is ridiculous, it also restricts your freedom and limits your liberty.

Think about it this way: back before the global homogeneity movement began, you were free to go to a state within the US that suited your preferences, or even a country abroad more in line with your beliefs. Idaho and New York were wildly different, each appealing to a different sort of person, just as France and Brazil or China and Japan were different, with both of those also appealing to different types of people. Some nations and states allowed abortion, gay marriage, or whatever else, and others didn’t. There were religious and irreligious countries, militarized states and mostly peaceful states, places with a high degree of privacy like Switzerland or places much more communal.

Now, while some remnants of differences remain, the push for homogeneity has pushed everything and everyone into being the same thing. The left’s cultural preferences are more or less the global standard that must be adopted by everyone, banking laws have ruined the privacy that used to be provided by Swiss institutions, and everywhere is becoming the same stale, leftist gray.

So, as a result, few can live the way they want. No longer can you flee to West Virginia, or perhaps even Hungary. Wherever you go, globohomo will follow, and with it the left’s values and the inability to live your life the way you want. That’s why it’s dangerous.

This story syndicated with permission from The Liberty Leader

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