This Woke Company at an All Time Low After Signing on Megan Rapinoe to Promote Their Business

Things already haven’t been looking great for Subway, the sandwich giant which shrunk by a whopping 5% last year, or a little over 1000 restaurants. And that comes after it lost more than 1600 restaurants in 2020. The New York Post, reporting on the chain’s decline over time, notes that:

After hitting a peak of 27,129 US locations on Jan. 1, 2016, the chain has since shrunk by a whopping 22 percent. In New York, there has been a 22 percent decline over the past three years alone, federal filings said.

So, Subway is frantically scrambling for a solution, trying to find a way to recover from the horrific losses of franchises that have so far happened, and it settled on advertising. So, now it’s trying, according to the New York Post, to push new sandwiches to bring in new customers that will overpay for a sandwich.

The problem with that strategy is that, while some of the athletes it’s using for that marketing strategy are well-liked, or at least respected by fans and the general public, Subway’s woke executives just couldn’t help themselves and hired woke soccer player Meghan Rapinoe too. The New York Post, reporting on that, notes that:

Subway has been promoting new sandwiches including Turkey Cali Fresh and All-American Club in a big advertising campaign featuring sports stars Tom Brady and Steph Curry. The campaign, however, also drew complaints from franchisees last year over the hire of soccer star Megan Rapinoe, whose perceived anti-American views reportedly rubbed some customers the wrong way.

What executive thought hiring someone who kneels for the national anthem to sell sandwiches would be a good call, particularly after the 2015 Subway PR disaster when its national spokesman, Jared Fogle, was convicted of child porn offenses and sent to jail?

Someone did, apparently, or perhaps the whole bunch, as Subway brought her onboard.

Problem was, both customers and franchisees were furious about the decision, with owners complaining mightily and customers organizing a boycott to keep their hard-earned dollars from a chain that was helping enrich an America-hating leftist.

Breitbart, reporting on that, notes that unhappiness among customers and franchisees alike, notes that:

But franchise owners were extremely unhappy with the decision.

Indeed, the struggling fast-food company was met with an organized boycott by customers who were upset that Subway would choose to laud a woman who attended an Olympics on foreign soil only to protest against the country that made her rich.

Some franchise owners were furious that Subway chose such a radical and controversial political figure to push their product.

Subway did, however, stop playing the ads relatively quickly, so perhaps the executives came to their senses after watching the Rapinoe sandwich project crash and burn, as Americans don’t want America hatred pushed on them when all they want is a turkey sandwich.

Regardless, the event shows a fact that’s becoming truer and truer as Netflix and Disney join Subway in crashing after going woke: if you go woke, pretty soon you’ll go broke too.

This story syndicated with permission from Gen Z Conservative

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