Top Secret or Massive Cover Up? How Do We Put a Stop to a Corrupt Government Agency

In recent years, police departments of cities both big and small have been accused of misconduct in their practices. Perhaps nothing better summarizes this than alleging racial discrimination in departments located in Ferguson, MO or Minneapolis, MN after deadly encounters with law enforcement.

Rags like the New York Times and supposed protectors of civil rights run roughshod over police agencies when their narratives of police brutality and systemic racism are supported, but where is this outrage from media outlets and organizations like the ACLU when there is misconduct on a larger, more politically-motivated scale?

In the past year, hundreds of cases against American citizens have been handled in violation of existing laws and the FBI has been part of two national stories, one ending in the acquittal of defendants against allegations of orchestrating a kidnapping and the other ongoing in the saga of the Russian Collusion hoax. This is to say nothing of the events of January 6th, where at least twenty agents were admitted to have been on the premises of the Capitol.

How do we reign in the FBI? Sheriff David Clark has answers.

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