Trump Goes Off On ‘Weak’ And ‘Pathetic’ Barr In Brutal New Statement

Former President Donald Trump has made it clear in his latest statement that he is no longer a big fan of former Attorney General William Barr, referring to him as “weak” and “pathetic” in a brutal new statement released on Tuesday.

“I lost confidence in Bill Barr long before the 2020 Presidential Election Scam,” Trump went on to say in the statement . “He was afraid, weak, and frankly, now that I see what he is saying, pathetic.”

The comments from the former president come after an excerpt from a new book by ABC Chief Washington Correspondent Jonathan Karl stated that Barr suspected Trump’s accusations of voter fraud were “all bulls***.” Trump then went on to issue comments on the claims in the book saying they were “made-up beyond any level imaginable” and “fake news.”

via Washington Examiner:

Trump claimed that he lost confidence in Barr when he “didn’t act on the very powerful Horowitz Report, and instead gave everything over to John Durham, who has seemingly disappeared from the planet.”

“Can you even believe a report coming out during the Biden Administration?” the former president continued. “We caught them but unfortunately didn’t have an Attorney General who was capable of acting and wouldn’t go against his friends in Washington D.C.”

Trump accused Barr of being a “swamp creature” who folded when under pressure from political opponents.

“Barr was a ‘swamp creature’ who was devastated when the Radical Left wanted to impeach him,” Trump added. “He, and other RINOs (you see it all the time!), always fold. If he becomes ‘less’ for President Trump, maybe they will leave him alone. It takes a very strong and special person to go against the ‘mob.’ Bill Barr was not that person.”

The former president then stated that he believes findings in the future will vindicate all the claims he’s made of voter fraud.

“Despite evidence of tremendous Election Fraud, he just didn’t want to go there,” he added. “The facts are rapidly coming out in States and Courts about the 2020 Presidential Election Scam, and let’s see if Bill Barr, a man who was unable to handle the pressure, was correct? The answer will be a resounding, NO!”

The former president has dealt with a lot of treachery during his time in office, with many of the folks he picked for crucial roles in his administration turning their backs on him and joining with liberals in attacking him and his agenda for our country.

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