TRUTH: The Second Amendment Is Liberty’s Insurance Policy And Gun Control Laws Are Racist

The Founding Fathers of the United States of America were some of the most brilliant minds to ever grace the realm of politics, and the fact that the nation they helped to build has become the greatest country in world history is a testament to that very fact.

And part of the brilliance of the Constitution, the founding document of America, is that they secured for us the right to have and own the means of defending all of the other God-given rights it contains. Yes, I’m talking about the Second Amendment.

The whole purpose behind the Second Amendment, included in the Bill of Rights, is that each and every American citizen has the right to own a firearm for the defense of life, liberty, and property. What was on their mind when including this right for protection? Well, they had been the victims of oppression for a long, long time, so they knew a thing or two about how tyranny worked. That included the tyrant stripping away guns and other weapons that a populace could use to fight back against their oppressors.

Sure, we are supposed to have the right to own guns as a means of protecting us against violent criminals who would try to harm us or take away our property. But it’s main purpose is defense against tyranny. The Second Amendment is liberty’s insurance policy.

Unfortunately, the radical left has been slowly but surely chipping away at the right to own firearms because allowing it to exist means the general population can own weaponry to fight back against extreme tyrannical measures from a bloated, out-of-control government. Kind of like the one the left wants to install over us in place of the republic we currently have. Thus, if they want to get the compliance of the American people, then they need to strip away this amendment. There’s no way anyone goes for that outright. So they do it piece by piece through gun control legislation.

America’s Sheriff David Clarke notes in the latest episode of his podcast, Straight Talk! With David Clarke, that while the radical left whittles away at right to bear arms, conservatives retreat instead of fight. The left, when they are passionate about one of their twisted beliefs, they take to the streets and protest. Voices are made heard, whether we want to hear them or not. Fear does not exist for them. All that matters is standing up for the cause and fighting for it.

Conservatives, according to Clarke, go to their blogs, write up a scathing editorial, sit in the safety of thinktanks, or call in to radio shows and complain, but hardly ever do they show up, en masse, to protest against the unlawful infringement of their Second Amendment rights. And as he is fond of saying, this is why we need a new conservative fighters. People who take legal and lawful action in order to voice their grievances about the violation of their constitutional rights.

People who will run for office and keep their word concerning the battle for gun rights. Those of us who choose not to run need to give such individuals support.

America’s Sheriff, David Clarke, goes on the latest episode of his podcast to also breakdown how gun control laws are also racist, which is not often a track of defense conservatives take to stand up for the Second Amendment, but it certainly should be. He also goes on to talk about solutions for ending gun violence that don’t involve infringing the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Be sure to follow the podcast, which is available on all major platforms. You can also catch on Rumble, so you can be notified about new episodes. If you’re a fan of the show, you can check out the bestselling book by Sheriff David Clarke, Cop Under Fire: Moving Beyond Hashtags of Race, Crime, and Politics for a Better America.

Sheriff Clarke is also set to host a brand new series on the TruBlu Streaming Service, Police: In The Line of Fire. Be sure to check that out!

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