Tulsi Gabbard Slams Biden Administration for Keeping Troops In D.C. “Have You Declared Martial Law?”

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

Former U.S. representative and veteran Tulsi Gabbard is calling out the new presidential administration for keeping National Guard troops in the nation’s capital well after the inauguration.

25,000 troops had, with no credible threat by the way, been deployed to Washington, D.C. for the proceedings on January 20th under the pretense that there might be a repeat of what happened on Capitol Hill on January 6th, but some troops will remain in the city on a volunteer basis.

“President @JoeBiden, have you declared martial law? Because that is what it’s starting to look and feel like. Let our troops get back home to their families,” she tweeted on Monday.

Speaking with Fox News’ Jesse Watters on his program over the weekend, Gabbard responded to stories that the National Guard troops had been banished to cold parking garages after the Inauguration Day events, something which sparked bipartisan outrage.

I would love to hear from all those former military Generals who supported Biden’s election.

When the Watters World host asked, “did they really need to be there in that large a number?” the former Democratic presidential candidate replied it angered her to see so many answer the call only to be “shoved” aside.

“It made me so angry to see all of these different images coming from National Guard soldiers really posting the reality of the situation that they were in, being shoved into a parking garage that’s freezing cold, all strewn about, lying on the ground, really being discarded as if they didn’t matter,” she said.

“National Guard soldiers, some of whom I’ve served with, 200 came from Hawaii, went to Washington DC, answered the call to serve like everybody else,” Gabbard, who represented the Aloha state in Congress, has served in the state’s National Guard, and is now a major in the Army National Reserve, replied.

“The militarization of our nation’s capital was not only unnecessary, yes we need to make sure that this transition of power happens peacefully and safely, but, to send that message both to the American people and to the world, that somehow our nation’s capital is under an attack  and threat of a siege and ‘taking over’… I don’t think this is the message that we want to send to the American people and to the world,” she continued.

Although that is the narrative that her Party’s leaders aided by the liberal media parroted endlessly in trying to blame President Trump for the trespassing and vandalism inside the Capitol.

When Watters noted that 25,000 is “a lot of boots on the ground” Gabbard replied that it was “outrageous.”

“Unfortunately, I’ve seen this happen as well in some of my deployments,” she continued. Gabbard was deployed to Iraq during her time with the Guard and to Kuwait with the Army.

“I’ve seen it too many times where we have troops deployed, lives on the line, in danger, and then politicians drop in for a few hours, take a picture, smile, shake a few hands,” the adamantly anti-endless war candidate continued.

“Why are troops deployed overseas? Are we taking care of them when they come home, and are we honoring the great service and sacrifice that they and their family members are providing to our country?”

Gabbard shouldn’t be asking Jesse Waters those questions anyway. She should be asking Biden and his Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. Trump tried to bring them home in these endless wars. Most Democrats in Congress criticized the move at the time.


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