Twitter “Activists” Raid Seattle News Station for Reporting On Riot Arrest Records—This Is Literal Terrorism

Our nation is being held hostage by the vigilante thought policing of the radical left, who I think we can now all agree has gone full-throated terrorist in 2020.

And I’m not exaggerating.

A “terrorist” is, by definition, “a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against government or civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.”

So would you consider this definition to aptly apply to a group of people who storm a news station’s headquarters because they’re angry about their reporting?

I sure would.

This is exactly what happened in Seattle this week, as the sheer ideological insanity of this year drags on.

Here’s what went down: a local news station had the nerve to report on their findings after poring over arrest records for the dozens of people who have been arrested for rioting in the city this year.

Since no one these days seems to understand what journalism actually means, as it has been so used and abused by our mainstream and legacy outlets, this is a perfectly legitimate and compelling issue to write about and no doubt many viewers were interested to hear what they discovered.

But not, of course, the rioters themselves, who not only seem to believe they have a right to destroy private and public property in the name of “justice” but they also seem to believe they have a right to not be held accountable for their crimes.

Nor, apparently, does the local media have a right to report on what they’re doing and being arrested for.

Let this insanity sink in.

BizPac Review reports that when investigative reporter Chris Ingalls tweeted out a tease for the story, which was to be aired that evening, Antifa Twitter lost their ever-loving minds.

“@K5Investigators poured over nearly 100 arrest records from the Seattle protests. Who are the people that are allegedly looting, setting fires and turning violent?” Ingalls wrote.

This was met with a barrage of profane-laced, inarticulate rage, which was soon to physically manifest itself at KING’s headquarters.





The rioters weren’t concerned about getting anyone hurt all summer long.

Nor did they care about hurting anyone when they showed up as an unruly mob at the station just hours later.

BPR notes, “Everything the woman said was a lie. The information KING shared was public information, and the so-called “protesters” were in fact violent rioters. Available for review here, Ingalls’ final report documented this fact in detail.”

The irony in all this is that these marauders had the media on their side covering for them initially as every local and national story and headline continually and inaccurately referred to groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter as “peaceful” and that “peaceful protests turned violent” when they were violent all along. “Peaceful protestors” were seen throwing rocks and bottles at police, setting fires to both private businesses and government buildings and toppling statues in the backdrop while reporters from the scene seemed oblivious to what was going on.

These descriptions of the insurrection fed right into the objective of the people who now turned on the media, the objective being to propagandize the police as the problem.

After seeing these reports from KING unmasking the troublemakers as just that, their reaction had to be, wtf?

Let this be a lesson to local and national media. You created this beast. Once you do it has to be continually fed or it will ultimately turn on you.

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