Two More Dead Americans Thanks to Another Sanctuary City’s Dangerous Policies

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

Our nation’s media has some very twisted priorities.

They are currently falling over themselves to tell you the latest COVID-19 infection rates and deaths, yet they will barely sneeze at yet another devastating attack that has left two Americans dead and once again highlighted the danger of sanctuary city policies.

For residents of sanctuary cities and states, the story is all too familiar. Yet the stories of the victims and their families rarely make national news, as is guaranteed to be the case when a terrorist attack is perpetrated by anyone who can be even loosely associated with President Donald Trump, the Republican Party, or conservatism.

Fernando De Jesus Lopez-Garcia is a thrice-deported illegal alien with a criminal history who has been living under the protection of cruel—because that is what they are—sanctuary city policies in San Jose, California.

On November 22nd, he inexplicably attacked several individuals inside the Grace Baptist Church, where volunteers were present assisting with the church’s homeless ministry, where Lopez-Garcia, himself homeless, regularly attended services and helped out.

Police believed he was under the influence of drugs or other substances when he senselessly attacked his fellow congregants, killing two and wounding three.

He was promptly detained and is now in police custody.

But this is hardly the first time he has had a run-in with the law, and, according to ICE, he’s been allowed to reside unmolested in the United States despite being deported three times previously, as they told One America News.

The perpetrator of the Grace Baptist Church stabbing incident that happened a few days ago was found to be an illegal immigrant with previous criminal offenses including vandalism, battery of an officer, and assault with a deadly weapon.

He now faces charges for three counts of attempted murder, battery, and two counts of murder.

All of these charges, not to mention the utterly unnecessary loss of life, could have been avoided if California lawmakers even had half their wits about them.

Christianity Daily explains that Lopez-Garcia was supposed to have been imprisoned on several cases including corporal injury on a spouse (his rap sheet is even longer, apparently).

“The ICE issued three different immigration detainers for him – on July 18, 2019, Aug. 28, 2019, and June 9, 2020- but the local jails failed to honor all three detainers and let him loose on the streets, without informing the ICE,” the outlet explains.

“He then committed the crime at the Grace Baptist Church on Nov. 22, at 8:00 p.m. He was supposed to be detained in the Santa Clara County jail -the local jail that received the third detainer from the ICE- but wasn’t as the jail did not honor the ICE’s directive,” they add.


“Here we have catastrophic proof of the abject failure of California’s sanctuary policies. The only person this policy protected was a criminal; permitting him to reoffend over and over again,” explained ICE ERO field officer to San Francisco (who one imagines has a very difficult job), David Jennings.

“Regrettably, politics continues to prevail over public safety, the detainers were ignored, and De Jesus Lopez-Garcia was released to the street.”

This case is an outrage. Yet in the over a week since it’s happened, you’ve barely heard a peep in national media coverage despite the clear and shocking example of how terrible sanctuary city policies truly are. The story loudly confirms what opponents to these terrible policies have been saying for years—which means the left-leaning press won’t touch it with a ten-foot pole.

And they wonder why we don’t trust them to report the truth?

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