Two Separate Incidents of Home Invasions Stopped By Armed Residents In Detroit In One Week

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

Last week, in the crime-ridden and Democrat-run city of Detroit, Michigan, two entirely separate incidents of attempted home invasion ended in the home’s resident opening fire upon the perp.

One man is in the hospital, but the second perished.

As that is what one should reasonably expect to happen if they forcefully enter another person’s home, after all.

No one who would so seriously invade another person’s rights can be rightfully expected to see their lives respected.

The first encounter occurred on the evening of Monday, November 30th. WJBK-TV reported that the incident took place on Fenton, just west of Telegraph. The suspect reportedly entered the home illegally, with a firearm, contacting the homeowner.

The homeowner responded to the invader, with several shots from a handgun, killing the suspect on the scene.

Upon arriving at the scene, Police recovered both weapons and took the homeowner in, to be detained for further questioning. Investigations are ongoing; however, it was reported that the homeowner is, in fact, a concealed pistol license holder. Why is a CPL at issue here? The homeowner was inside his home. He doesn’t need a CPL to have a firearm in his home, concealed or not.

This begs another question. Why was the homeowner arrested? He wasn’t “detained.” He was taken against his will to a police station. For what, defending his life?

The second incident, as reported by WDIV-TV, took place Wednesday night December 2nd, in the 16600 block of Fairmount Drive.

Police detailed the account, stating that the homeowner, a 39-year-old female, heard a noise in her attic. Upon investigation, she made contact with a 19-year-old male, believed to be attempting a burglary of the home.

The homeowner, also a CPL holder, fired a single shot at the purported burglar, leaving him injured. When police arrived at the scene, the suspect was taken to the hospital.

He was reported to be in stable condition.

Investigation is still ongoing, but police assured the news station that once the teen burglar is well, he will be taken into custody. He should be in police custody while recuperating.

Why wasn’t the homeowner in this case detained like the man in the other home invasion robbery? Not that she should have been, but was it because she’s a woman?

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