TX Judge Blames Biden For Border Crisis, Says He Then Alienated Himself From It

A Democratic judge from the state of Texas took an opportunity on Thursday to tear the Biden administration a new one over its poor handling of the border crisis, going on to say that Biden himself caused this problem.

“What has he done?” Webb County Judge Tano Tijerina went on to ask. “I invited President Biden to come down to the border.”

Tijerina then went on to say that tens of thousands of immigrants have swarmed to the border and flooded into the country.

“The Haitians are causing great havoc. You know, they’re not, they’re not incredibly the best,” he stated. “So we got ourselves in a situation.”

via Washington Examiner:

The costs imposed by the border crisis, financially and otherwise, are slamming communities in the area, Tijerina said , adding that the media is focusing on only a select few incidents that misrepresent the situation.

“But there’s 1,000 pictures of everything else that’s going on, that’s basically falling through the cracks,” the judge said. “And yet, nothing’s been mentioned.”

The president has gone back on his claim that the health of the nation and its people is a high priority, Tijerina said.

“You know, our county judges, I’ve spoken to almost all of them — we’re at our wit’s end. Our mayors, we’re at our wit’s end,” he continued. “And it’s a sad situation that President Biden needs to take ownership.”

The judge then said it doesn’t matter what the president did when he was in the Senate or what his prior record demonstrates.

“Today, he has an opportunity to show the world what he is and who he is,” Tijerina said. “And unfortunately, he hasn’t done that.”

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