UberEats Carjacking By Teen Girls That Turned Into Murder Caught On Video; CNN Gets Slammed For Spin

An UberEats driver in Washington, D.C., was captured on video attempting to stop a pair of teenage girls from allegedly stealing his car just moments before he was killed after the vehicle sped away.

According to a new report from BizPacReview, the girls were 13 and 15 and were armed with a stun gun. The two girls are now facing several felony charges following the death of Mohammad Anwar, a 66-year-old Pakistani immigrant who resided in nearby Springfield, Virginia. NBC News reported that Anwar passed away at the local hospital after sustaining injuries during the carjacking.

“The outlet said the 13-year-old is from Southeast D.C., while the 15-year-old is from Fort Washington, Md. Their names have not been released due to their status as juveniles,” BPR stated in their report.

“Graphic video taken by a bystander initially shows Anwar struggling with a black female in an orange hoodie from outside his vehicle shouting, “This is my car!” before the vehicle suddenly surges forward and continues down a street,” the report continued.

“The bystander continues taking video as the car barrels seemingly out of control and disappears around a corner down the block before a loud crash is heard. At that, the bystander appears to run down the street to find the vehicle on its side after crashing into another vehicle. National Guard troops are seen pulling a black teen in a gray sweatshirt from the vehicle, with Anwar lying motionless, face down, against a gate on the sidewalk,” it added.


The two teens hae been booked into the Metropolitan Police Department on charges of felony murder and carjacking charges. They have also already made their appearance in court.

Reports state that Anwar immigrated to the United States back in 2014. His family stated that he is a father and grandfather who has several loved ones here in America and over in Pakistan.


“He was a hardworking immigrant who came to the U.S. in 2014 to build a better life for himself and his family. The loss for his family is immeasurable,” a statement from the family of the victim said, adding the whole crime was “senseless.”

CNN was later bashed for their coverage of the incident, having spun the story away from race and ethnicity, which isn’t what they typically do when a crime of this nature involves whites.

“An Asian man was murdered on camera and CNN won’t say that because the murderers don’t fit the narrative,” One America News Jack Prosobiec noted in a post made on Twitter.




Since this case cannot be exploited to play race politics, CNNs attitude is, nothing to see here. Move along.



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