University of California Professor Declares As White American, She Is “By Definition, Racist.”

There was a time when a racist was someone who hated people solely on the basis of the color of their skin.

Now, whether one is a racist or not is determined entirely by the color of their skin, apparently.

If you’re asking yourself, “Wait, isn’t that in itself racist?”

Why yes. Yes, it is.

A University of California Santa Barbara professor has declared herself to be, as a “white American,” “by definition, racist, in what can only be described as an Evil Knievil-caliber feat of virtue signaling. It has become a contest now for white liberals to engage in a game of, I am more racist than you are.

Campus Reform reports that Mary Bucholtz, Chair of the Department of Linguistics at UCSB, was invited to conduct a webinar for the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s doctoral program in second language acquisition to “discuss the white-supremacist and colonial underpinnings of linguistics, applied linguistics, and the modern languages, both historically and in the present day.”

Yes, I said a doctoral program. This is what now passes as scholarly work.

“I am personally committed to continuing to learn how to be less racist. As a White American, I am by definition racist. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I know there is this sort of rhetoric of White people in the United States rejecting the label of racism but I think we need to acknowledge that, and do better,” Bucholtz declared during the webinar.

If Bucholtz is an admitted racist, she should be immediately fired from her job at the University of California Santa Barbara. It means she holds a students race against them probably in activities like grading tests and papers.

Otherwise, the University is acknowledging retaining racist professors and that it is itself a racist institution and should be sued by the US Department of Justice for violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

More from Campus Reform:

Bucholtz started her presentation by describing white supremacy and its implications by saying “when I talk about the idea of white supremacy as a pandemic or as a disease, I don’t mean that as a metaphor.” However, she later says that “white supremacy is not a disease but a choice…”

The UCSB professor also took the time to discuss whether or not she thinks the word “White” should be capitalized. This comes amid the Associated Press updating its style guide to advise journalists to capitalize “Black,” but not “White.”

“I hate seeing when people capitalize ‘White..;’ it’s not the same kind of category. Also, white supremacists love capitalizing ‘White.’ So for me, it’s a political decision not to capitalize it and to recognize it as a construct that has built itself out of the racial system or at the top of the racial system by opting out of being racialized.”

She went on to say that white supremacy “is a system that White people have built in order to oppress everyone else” and that “White people are not experts on white supremacy…We are experts in acting it.”

There you have it. Bucholtz an admitted racist, says she, by her whiteness, automatically enforces a system of oppression.

Well, I suppose there’s a reason this woman isn’t a professor in logics, but considering how powerful words (and the redefinition thereof) can be, it’s disturbing, all the same, she’s injecting her wild, radical theories into her linguistics expertise.

She should know she can’t simply speak truth into existence, no matter how much she seeks to atone for the false original sin of the progressive left: the mythical contemporary establishment of systemic white supremacy.

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