University of Wisconsin-Madison Police Chief Bans “Thin Blue Line” Imagery After Students Complain

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

University of Wisconsin-Madison police officers are no longer allowed to wear “Thin Blue Line” imagery while on the clock after students complained about a Blue Lives Matter flag on display at the department.

The students reportedly compared the flag to white supremacy because sure, that makes sense.

So Police Chief Kristen Roman complained to the ignorant, clueless college students who know nothing of life nor the price to maintain a society in which they can air their fallacious grievances and banned the pro-police imagery.


This by the way after that same University of Wisconsin that was the epicenter of intellectual progressivism in the early 1920’s had a President named Charles Van Hise. He was an avowed eugenist who believed that defective classes of humans (black people included) should disappear, are absolutely unfit and should be prevented from continuation of their kind.”

He supported Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s social program of abortion to reduce the black population. A student housing unit on the University campus still bears Van Hise’s name.

How that escapes these mush minded students is quite frankly, amazing. That they don’t demand renaming that housing unit is quite simply amazing.

Back to the thin blue line.

The Wisconsin State Journal reported that Roman emailed her officers on Jan. 14, telling them: “We must consider the cost of clinging to a symbol that is undeniably and inextricably linked to actions and beliefs antithetical to UWPD’s values.”

No, really, let’s consider the cost. What is it, exactly?

Hurt feelings? Confused undergrads who have never in their life been offered instruction on critical thinking or forming strong, coherent arguments?

The chief also allegedly defended the flag as it was originally intended, which in her words was to “symbolize the police’s commitment to their duty and community and protecting ‘society from chaos.’”

Her efforts to clarify the real meaning of the flag, apparently, “continue to fall short in ways I can’t simply ignore.”

So…she’s just letting 20-year-old brats win?


“I understand that this decision may cause emotional responses, even anger from some. I, too, feel hurt and disappointed as we confront our current reality. I know this is hard. I know this issue is complicated,” Roman reportedly also wrote.

Apparently, she went on to claim, the flag has somehow also been used to “dishonor the police profession.”


“At the end of the day, we have dedicated ourselves to a profession that demands service above self. As such, relevant community concerns, perceptions, and fears necessarily outweigh our shared professional investment in a symbol that presently separates and alienates us from those we have promised to serve,” she continued.

Just not above bending over to ideological tyrants, apparently.

BizPac Review notes that the ban applies to “pins, notebooks, coffee mugs, and other items.”

“The only exceptions being made are for tattoos and flags that are flown at funerals for officers who were killed in the line of duty,” they also noted.

Kristen Roman is an embarrassment to the profession of policing. She brings her liberal ideology to work with her. She is unfit to lead the men and women of the UW Capitol Police Department who risk their lives to serve and protect.

She should resign and campaign for a position with Black Lives Matter. She talks like them.

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