UNREAL: Cancel Culture Comes for “The Punisher” Logo Because Capitol Hill Rioter Had It On Him

In the name of “unity” and “civility,” the progressive left and their propagandists in the media have launched a full-scale attack on anything even remotely linked to right-wing ideology that is reminiscent of the Chinese communist cultural revolution.

This is always where cancel culture has been headed.

The Marxist purge has begun.

Marvel comics came under fire last week for something that had literally nothing to do with them, whatever, in any way, shape, or form, not even in your wildest dreams, other than owning the copywrite of a logo sported by Capitol Hill rioters on January 6th.

No, really.

Like we’re actually at this point as a society.

All the dystopian social commentaries you read in high school couldn’t possibly have prepared you for this new age of cognitive dissonance.

As if it weren’t insane enough already that President Donald Trump is being blamed for the actions of the Capitol Hill “insurrectionists” because he contests the 2020 election and has loudly alleged voter fraud.

Marvel, of course, is finding out the hard way that all the SJW virtue signaling in the world won’t protect you when the mob decides to come for you—and it won’t even be for anything you’re actually responsible for.

Disrn explains that “One of the more notorious images from the recent siege of Capitol Hill was the rioter photographed carrying zip ties into the congressional chamber. On his person, several spotted The Punisher’s iconic skull and long teeth symbol.”

Marvel was immediately called upon to censor or remove the logo from its pages.

“The Punisher was first introduced in 1974 and is the alter ego of the character Frank Castle. An ex-military man, Castle uses unconventional tactics, including torture, violence, and even murder, to exact his revenge on evildoers,” the outlet notes.

“That characteristic sets The Punisher apart from almost all other Marvel heroes.”

Our culture is rife with celebrated pop culture icons who are entirely immoral, and The Punisher has long been admired by various groups of people drawn to his edginess, like Batman’s The Joker or other popular villainous characters.

All of a sudden, thanks to an isolated, not to mention highly suspect event, Americans have suddenly developed a conscience for the influence of certain characters on our national psyche?

Give me a break.

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