UNREAL: WHO Says It’s Too Soon to Determine if COVID-19 Originated In China

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

I thought we were all in agreement that the novel coronavirus that has upended the globe over the last year came from, well, China.

After all….that’s where it was first found, spread from, and where it continues to rage today, apparently.

The World Health Organization, who ten months ago was more than happy to carry water for the Chinese Communist Party, seems to be trying to give Beijing a pass they weren’t even vying for anymore—they’re trying to lighten the blame off the aspiring global superpower.

China has after all tried to claim it might have come from somewhere else—and now the WHO is agreeing.

No, they’re totally not in the CCP’s pocket at all!

BizPac Review reports that a top WHO official recently said at a press conference that it is “definitely too early” to conclude that COVID-19 originated in China.

It apparently originated in that other place that had a massive novel virus outbreak early last year, apparently.

Michael Ryan, the executive director of the WHO’s health emergencies program, was speaking to reporters in Geneva on Friday also attended by WHO secretary Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus as a team of WHO-backed scientists began an investigation in Wuhan as to the origins of the virus.

“I think we have to say this quite plainly; all hypotheses are on the table and it is definitely too early to come to a conclusion of exactly where this virus started either within or without China,” Ryan said.

Ryan had been asked by an NBC News reporter about denials from the head of China’s CDC that the virus had originated in his nation. He referred to viruses found in sewage as well as blood tests conducted outside China that may have been indications of “earlier infection.”

Much of the focus as of late over the origin of the virus has been whether it was from a Wuhan wet market where animals like bats and pangolins were sold for human consumption or the Wuhan Virology Lab just a stone’s throw away from the wet market that just so happened to be researching coronaviruses.

Coronaviruses in bats, that is.

So instead of the global community digging deeper into this compelling yarn, the WHO is now trying to tell us that maybe it didn’t come from China at all!

Then it really would be a massive coincidence that it’s been pinned as having first appeared near a wet market where humans ate bats near the virology lab where they were studying coronavirus in bats all while having originated in another locale entirely, wouldn’t you say?

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