VIDEO: Democrat Congressman Marches National Guard Soldiers To GOP Rep’s Office

Democratic Rep. San Nicolas, from Guam, marched National Guard soldiers from his home territory through the halls of Congress, taking them directly to the office door of an opposing party congressperson.

According to a report from  The Postmillennial,  Rep. Nicolas stopped the 20 or so troops at the door of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. In the video above, some rather over dramatic music plays in the background as Nicolas stands in the hall outside Greene’s door with a gift basket, flanked by the soldiers in camo fatigues.

Nicolas then approaches the door and an aide knocks before entering the office unannounced. The aide can be heard saying that Nicolas has come for a visit and then an aide of Greene’s walks through the office, briefly taking a look outside the office door.

Some of the National Guard troops can be seen messing around on their phones. Green’s staff then tells Nicolas she’s not in the office and then attempts to arrange an appointment between the two of them. Nicolas then alerts the staff to the presence of the National Guard troops who have escorted him to the office. The staff acts cordially and welcomes the soldiers.

“Greene’s legislative director, Taylor, makes pleasantries with Nicolas, who absolutely insists that he come on out and say hi to the troops. Taylor, seemingly an affable fellow, agrees. He thanks them for ‘all that they do,’ and notes that the congresswoman would love to meet them when she’s back in the office,” the report says.

“It is unclear what reaction a Democrat representative would have were he or she to be visited by Rep. Greene and her National Guard troops from Georgia, or a congressman and troops from any other state or territory,” the report continues, adding, “Congressmen do not typically walk the halls of the Capitol flanked by military troops, nor bring those troops to the offices of opposing party representatives.”

This is why the Founding Fathers abhorred the thought of a standing army in the United States.


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