VIDEO: Smugglers On Mexican Side Of The Rio Grande Cheer ‘Viva Biden,’ While Arrows Point Migrants Where To Go

When you look at the staggering numbers of illegal aliens coming into this country, which is something that didn’t happen until Joe Biden took office and tossed out all of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, it blows the mind how anyone can not assign the current administration the blame for this mess.

And yet, we have plenty of Democrats who are refusing to acknowledge this basic fact.

A new video from Senate Republicans concerning Biden’s crisis at the border has revealed a group of human smugglers on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande chanting “Viva Biden,” a clear indication of who they are crediting for an uptick in their business.

According to Western Journal, Sen. Ted Cruz, in the video, said, “So the smugglers are on the other side. They’re waving flashlights and they’re talking, we can hear them.”

“North Dakota Sen. John Hoeven pointed out a flashlight across the border river, saying, ‘We can hear them talking, matter of fact we can even yell back and forth at them.’ Moments later, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham explained the smugglers were chanting “Viva Biden!” at the senators,” the WJ report said.

“The video, which premiered Thursday, is the second part in a series attempting to circumvent the Biden administration’s near-denial of media coverage of the border by bringing Republican senators to the border, armed with smartphone cameras, to uncover the truth of the disaster,” the report continued.

“Despite how parts of the Biden administration, like Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, have tried to shift blame on to the policies of former President Donald Trump, it’s evident smugglers and illegal aliens know who is in the White House, and understand the implications of the change,” the report added.

“They know the change in President Biden’s policies, they know that if the child is 6 years old or younger, they will be released into the United States,” Sen. John Kennedy of Kentucky noted, adding, “And you’re not gonna stop this, as long as we practice catch-and-release.”

Montana Sen. Steve Daines stated that Border Patrol agents explained, “The voices we’re hearing are likely cartel members here.”

“They’re getting paid thousands of dollars per person to bring across the Rio Grande,” he said.

Sen. Tom Cotton, a fiery conservative from Arkansas went on to say, “There are literally signs on the ground pointing these migrants in the direction to the Border Patrol agents. Because they’re not running away from the Border Patrol, they’re running to the Border Patrol because they know that Joe Biden’s policies enable them to stay in this country, even when they have no legal right to stay in this country. “We may be facing, very soon, 250,000 migrants crossing our border every month.”

This is a disaster of epic proportions and the current administration is doing nothing to clean up the mess they made. Meanwhile, the rest of the Democratic Party is essentially giving Biden a free pass for things they would’ve attempted to impeach Trump over. Hypocrisy is alive and well.

It is important to point out that Congressional Republicans had a chance to pass immigration reform that would have codified everything President Trump had in place. He even offered a four-point plan for reform and asked the GOP controlled COngress to get it to his desk for signature. Then Speaker John Boehner, his successor Paul Ryan and Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell never took it up.

We can criticize Biden’s approach to be sure. It is hard to listen to Republicans whine about it however because they had their chance at this and they punted.


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