VIDEO: White House Press Secretary Dodges Question About Whether Or Not Vaccinated High Schoolers Will Return To Class

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is earning a reputation for essentially refusing to answer any sort of question of substance posed to her by folks in the media, whether the reporter posing the question is left-leaning or not. They deserve her.

According to The Postmillennial, Psaki was recently asked during a press briefing on Monday whether high schoolers who have received the COVID-19 vaccination would be returning to in-person learning.

Psaki, true to form, refused to actually answer the question.

“We are thrilled to have [Education] Secretary Cardona confirmed and he, as you know, [is] going to be hosting an education summit to talk about the reopening of schools and look ahead to what needs to be done” she started.

“That applies, of course, not just to K-5 or K-8, but also high schools,” Psaki said.

“We also are on track for the President to sign into law the American rescue plan, which has $160 billion in it to ensure that schools who don’t have the resources needed can make these facility upgrades, as well get testing in place, hire teachers and bus drivers, but I will leave it to the Secretary of Education to determine the timeline or the path forward for high schools,” Psaki went on to say.

The real question that needs to be asked is whether or not Psaki will ever answer an actual question rather than playing “pass the buck?” If we were to ask the Magic 8 Ball, it would say, “Not likely.”


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