VP Harris Pivots Away From Executive Action On Gun Control Days After Boulder Mass Shooting

Vice President Kamala Harris recently suggested that the White House might not take executive action on gun control, despite the mounting outside pressure stemming from two mass shootings in a week.

According to the Washington Examiner, Harris conducted an interview with CBS This Morning and said, “We should first expect the U.S. Congress to act.”

When she was asked if President BIden would be taking any sort of executive action on guns, Harris stated, “I don’t think the president is excluding that, but again, I want to be clear, that if we really want something that is going to be lasting, we need to pass legislation.”

Harris, who is a former California Democratic Senator, said she was “not willing to give up” on efforts being employed to try and reach the “hearts and minds and reason” of the evenly split upper chamber members.

“A day earlier, Biden urged lawmakers to pass a bill banning weapons like the AR-15-style firearm police say a shooter in Boulder, Colorado, used to kill 10 people, including a police officer, on Monday. He also called for a ban on high-capacity magazines,” the Washington Examiner report said.

“Passing legislation would ensure gun control measures are permanent. The White House has resisted pressure from gun control groups to crack down unilaterally on firearms,” the report added.

“If the Congress acts, then it becomes law,” the vice president said.

It’s important to note here that Harris once supported the idea of a mandatory buyback of assault weapons and once told CBS during the Democratic Party primary that if she were elected president she would take executive action on “assault weapons” if Congress failed to act.

So here we go again in the usual ritual played out politically after every mass shooting. We get knee jerk emotionally based rhetoric about tighter gun control that would have stopped none of the mass shootings the anti-gun movement uses to create hysteria when people are in a heightened state of emotion. That is a careless exploitation of people. A push poll will come out soon showing 60%of those polled favoring tighter gun control. After things calm down in a few months and the emotion wears off, the same poll will show 60% do not want more gun laws that do nothing more than punish law abiding gun owners.

We have seen this play before. It’ll end this time like it has every other time. Congress will pass some irrelevant bill with cosmetic changes that will be designed to show the public they care. All political theater.

The truth is that the mindless slaughter of people like this is unavoidable. Getting rid of the folly of gun free zones might be a good policy change.

The world is full of evil. And crazy people too.


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