VP Kamala Harris Gets Greeted In Guatemala By Pro-Trump Protesters

Pro-Trump protesters made a surprise appearance on Monday during Vice President Kamala Harris’s trip to Guatemala, which is her first visit to a foreign country since she took office back in January.

Harris is going to spend both Monday and Tuesday taking a look at what is at the root of northern migration in Guatemala and Mexico. While the vice president’s motorcade was en route to the first stop of the trip, a group of Trump supporters showed up and made their feelings about Harris clearly known.

via Washington Examiner:

According to the traveling press pool, the signs read, “Kamala, Trump won,” and “Kamala, mind your own business!” Photos posted on social media showed other signs reading, “Kamala stop funding criminals,” and “Guatemala is prolife #Momalahelpme”

Following the one-on-one meeting, Harris and Giammettei will hold a press conference. The vice president will also meet Monday with separate groups of community and social leaders and female entrepreneurs before departing for Mexico later in the evening.

Harris’s landing in Guatemala Sunday night was delayed slightly after “technical issues” aboard Air Force Two forced the delegation to return to Joint Base Andrews and switch planes. Symone Sanders, the vice president’s communications director, told reporters that the issues posed “no major safety concerns.”

So Harris will make a trip down to Guatemala, but won’t come to the southern border to see the mess the Biden administration is making with the border crisis?

Gee, it’s almost like they are trying desperately to allow as many illegals into the country as possible.


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