WATCH: Black Lives Matter Activists Took Police Shoot/Don’t Shoot Training In 2015. It Didn’t Go Well.

If there’s anything that’s completely missing from the mainstream, pervasive narrative on police shootings, it’s education.

You’d think that the average person would be fully aware of the fact that they can’t possibly have the kind of knowledge and experience as a police officer who works the streets every day and has undergone rigorous training on the most life-threatening situations.

But no, the majority of leftists pundits and “protesters” think they know exactly how a police officer can do their job without ever hurting another human being, no matter how violent and reckless those other human beings may be.

So you’ve got to hand it to the two Black Lives Matter-adjacent protesters who, in 2015, actually agreed to take police shoot/don’t shoot training.

They failed, of course.

PJ Media’s Victoria Taft offered this flashback this week, explaining:

I underwent a similar simulated training at that same facility and can attest to the difficulty of doing the right thing when seconds count. I’m sure I was “killed” several times. One time I tried to convince a perpetrator conducting a school shooting to put aside his bad ways and just stop shooting people. Yeah, that worked. I “died.” I’d like another run at that simulated training.

Thing is, I was a radio talk host in Portland at the time, but wasn’t running my mouth off about how all cops are bad because a violent perpetrator was harmed in the making of a riot.

In 2015, two Black Lives Matter/antifa “protesters” took the shoot/don’t shoot at the request of the local radio station KXL. 

Both Fahyim Accuay and Jessie Sponberg, who were protest leaders at the time, believed that cops intentionally seek out black men to murder.

They found out pretty quickly that, unlike how many idealistic progressive activists glowingly imagine officers should approach violent suspects, it’s not so easy to simply talk a perp out of his ways.

They both “died.”

Several times.

And were subsequently forced to admit that perhaps, after all, being a cop isn’t that easy after all. If you “die” in shoot-don’t shoot make believe you get a do-over. In real police life you don’t.


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