WATCH: Blexit Member Destroys Identity Politics: “American Isn’t A Skin Tone. It’s An Ideology.”

This year seems to have marked a turning point in the way that the left has made a cottage industry out of the topic of racism in our country.

While they have co-opted much of popular culture and academia over the last few decades, the people that they continuously tokenize and patronize are getting really sick of the progressives’ crap.

All Americans can maintain their ethnic identity without relating it to the color of their skin. They also do not shove other Americans into a box because of the color of their skin. These two are not mutually exclusive.

Americans believe in the values that make our country unique, the values provide for a system in which we are judged by our actions and our character, not by our heritage or ethnicity.

The progressive left wants to keep us all tucked away in convenient identity boxes in a sort of neo-caste system of intersectionality which flies in the face of the true spirit of equality and freedom.

The Trump era has been a reckoning for the radicals on the left who, like Joe Biden, continue to declare “you ain’t black” if you don’t vote or think how they tell you to or when he forgets Mitt Romney’s name in a campaign speech goes right to calling him a Mormon.

Over the weekend, the group Blexit held a well-attended “Back the Blue” event in Washington, D.C.

Breitbart reports that one man who showed up to march managed to destroy identity politics and defend what it really means to be an American while speaking with the outlet.

He explained that the wide variety of faces who showed up to express their support for police, the president, and true American patriotism is emblematic of “what America is.”

“I mean if you look at this group of people that we have out here, we’ve got Asian people, Hispanic people, white people, black people, mixed people. We have mixed families. It’s everyone. because that’s what America is,” he explained, noting that law enforcement officers are committed to protecting “everyone.”

“American isn’t a skin tone. It’s an ideology. It’s a mental state. It’s knowing what your freedoms are, not just for yourself but for everyone else,” he said.

“And that’s why they want to strike so hard against it. Because if you can get people to believe otherwise, then America isn’t what it is. We see the beauty in it,” he added.


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