[WATCH] Kamala Swoops In To Save Biden Right Before He Can Take a Tumble Off The Stage

If you didn’t already believe that President Joe Biden is suffering from cognitive decline and the symptoms that come along with that condition, then this new video that’s going viral featuring Vice President Kamala Harris ready to rescue him from falling off the edge of a stage should raise alarm bells.

According to the Conservative Brief, after Biden concluded his remarks at an event for the Democratic Party held in Philadelphia, the president walked toward the edge of the stage, Harris in tow behind him, acting as if she were scared he might end up falling off the stage while she continued to make gestures at the crowd.

Nick Arama of Red State wrote about the incident, saying, “Biden went to the end of the stage and made a motion as though to jump off the stage. Look at Kamala Harris as she first appears terrified and then decides to play it off as a joke halfway through. The look on her face is something else.”

“Even after he doesn’t jump, you can still see her concerned he might, or that he might fall off the stage, as she reaches out to him. She seems to indicate to him to get away from the edge of the stage,” Arama continued.

A poll that was produced by New York Times/Siena College published Monday made the claim that Democratic Pennsylvania Senate nominee John Fetterman is currently leading GOP candidate Mehmet Oz by a total of five percentage points.

“About 49 percent of likely voters surveyed support Fetterman while 44 percent back Oz. The results are similar to other polling showing leads the Democratic candidate has held over Oz for much of the campaign, including a 6-point advantage in a survey last week,” The Hill stated.

Two pollsters who appeared on Fox News host Sean Hannity’s program were singing a totally different tune, noting they hadn’t witnessed this many black and Hispanic voters coming over to the Republican Party before.

“We consistently see where the African American vote, about 20% or more, are going for Republican candidates,” InsiderAdvantage chairman Matt Towery stated speaking of the midterm elections in Georgia and Pennsylvania.

“When it comes to either Hispanic, Latino or what we call other, sometimes it’s 60-something percent for the Republican,” he added. “These are things that we’ve never seen before. I’ve never seen Republican candidates getting 20% of the African American vote this close to an election. I certainly have never seen Hispanic, Latinos or other races trending Republican like I’m seeing in this particular year.”

A massive number of Asian-American voters seem to have turned their backs on the Democratic Party in the recall campaign of San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin. Many folks within the GOP believe that one of the reasons for the migration is due to reported discrimination against Asian Americans in academic admissions.

Congresswoman Mayra Flores, a Texas Republican, recently won a special election in a congressional district that Joe Biden carried by a total of 13 points back in June.

At the end of the day, there seems to be a whole lot of evidence piling up that proves Biden is not completely mentally sound. As a result, he needs to take a test to determine whether he is capable of dispatching the duties of the Oval Office. If not, the 25th Amendment must be invoked as soon as possible.

This story syndicated with permission from Trending Politics News.

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