WATCH: Mob Of Hooded Teenagers Wreaks Havoc On NYC Restaurant; Don’t Even Take Any Money

A mob of hooded teenagers were recently captured on video running into a New York City restaurant where they totally trashed the establishment, flipping over tables and chairs, before making a hasty exit a minute later “with no money, no nothing, just to wreak havoc,” one city official stated. This is the kind of thing that’s to be expected in a liberal run city that has implemented a plethora of policies that go soft on criminals.

These kids think there are no consequences for their actions, that they can do whatever they want and not have to worry about being held accountable for the things they do. You have to wonder where they are getting the idea that it’s acceptable to just cause chaos and destruction? This clearly was not a robbery. It seems the focus was just to damage property. Sounds like the kind of thing radical leftists groups might get confused with “protesting.”

According to a report from TheBlaze, “Tony Hu — manager of Fish Village in College Point in Queens — went on to tell WNBC-TV through a translator that over a dozen teens suddenly raced into the eatery just before 8:30 p.m. Saturday and trashed the place.”

“WNBC said the mob of teens — who wore masks and hoodie sweatshirts — stormed through the main dining area, flipping tables and chairs and disrupting patrons as plates and glass shattered,” the report continued.

The mob of miscreants also left behind a broken window and managed to do a whopping $20,000 in damages during the minute they went wild in the third-floor restaurant. Hu then told WNBC that he hid behind the counter and immediately phoned the police, informing his staff not to engage with the mob for safety reasons. Smart call on his part. Hu then informed the station that no one was hurt during the incident, however, workers were severely shaken up.

“Councilwoman Vickie Paladino visited the restaurant Monday to assess what took place and told WNBC that 50 NYPD officers were just added to her district but more are needed,” TheBlaze added.

Paladino was stumped concerning what motive the group of teenagers might have had for committing the act of destruction, saying, “they took an elevator three floors up to do what they did and then took an elevator three floors down and left — with no money, no nothing, just to wreak havoc.”

Hu also went on to tell WNBC he’s scared the same mob of hoodlums might return, however he said he’s confident the police have the matter under control. However, it’s important to note the station did not see any officers posted outside the restaurant as of last week.

Police revealed they have not made any arrests and said that the mob took off down 127th Street after leaving the establishment in ruins.

One of the biggest issues facing the United States right now is rising crime rates. This is likely the result of failed Democratic Party policies who seem to have an affinity for helping criminals rather than victims by stripping local law enforcement departments, particularly those in big cities, of their funding. This leads to fewer officers out on the streets doing patrols, fostering an environment that has emboldened lawbreakers to commit violent acts against people who are simply trying to live their lives.

This is one of many reasons we need to hear from folks like America’s Sheriff, David Clarke, who is now launching a brand new podcast today where he will tackle important issues like race, police, and liberal policies that play a direct impact on crime, among many other critical topics facing our country. The very first episode of Straight Talk with America’s Sheriff David Clarke is up now.

In the inaugural episode you’ll get to know the sheriff on a deeper level as a political commentator, as well as a public speaker — you can book him for your own speaking engagements too — and as the best-selling author of Cop Under Fire: Moving Beyond Hashtags of Race, Crime and Politics for a Better America.

Along with getting to know more about America’s Sheriff, you’ll learn what it means to be a conservative fighter and a whole lot more.

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