WATCH: Multiple Arrests As Portland Antifa Attacks ICE Facility, Rages In New “Autonomous Zone”

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

Portland continues to be plagued by unrest and chaos. Tuesday was an eventful day for law enforcement in Oregon’s capital.

First, more than a dozen people were arrested while a crowd barricaded a road during the clash between protesters and police. The protest was outside the “Red House” on Mississippi Avenue in North Portland and protesters attempted to establish an autonomous zone akin to the CHOP/CHAD area in Seattle over the summer.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler emphatically stated there will be “no autonomous zone” in the city and gave police authorization to use “all lawful means to end the illegal occupation on North Mississippi Avenue.”

The whole encounter began after the black family, the Kinney’s, that lived at the “Red House” on the 4400 block of Mississippi Avenue were served an eviction notice back in September.

Protesters showed up at the residence after the Kinney’s were served a second notice on Tuesday.

The encounter resulted in seven people being arrested, mainly on second-degree trespassing charges.

Later in the evening, law enforcement was forced to confront another group of protesters who were vandalizing and attacking an ICE facility.

Homeland Security Investigations agents moved quickly out of the ICE facility, which has become a popular target for protesters in recent months, to chase down and apprehend a group of protesters who had allegedly spray-painted the building Sunday night.

Based on different accounts on social media, there were six or seven people arrested.

One tweet shows a US flag being burned with the vandalized building in the background:


Another tweet by freelance journalist Justin Yau, shows a small group of Antifa decked out in black bloc outside the ICE facility.


Moments after that video, ICE agents came running out of the facility to make arrests. Yau said two ambulances also showed up:

Independent Media PDX shared a video in which ICE agents execute a targeted arrest on those burning the American flag earlier:

They shared another video of ICE agents making an arrest near an ambulance:

Yau explained that agents appeared to switch up their tactics in dealing with the unruly rioters:

Yau pointed out that agents arrested about 30% of the gathered Antifa crowd:

Better late than never.


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