Watch: MyPillows Are On Their Way To Canada For Freedom Truckers

Despite Big Tech and Big Government’s attempted one-two punch to shut down the Freedom Convoy, spirits and efforts among freedom-loving patriots remains high. And even after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s invocation of the War Powers Act for the first time in Canada’s modern history, countless truckers and their allies remained in Ottawa.

Now, they can count on the support of MyPillow and its CEO Mike Lindell to keep their fight against tyranny alive.

Today, Lindell announced that he would set off with a convoy of his own, loading up trucks from his Minnesota warehouse and departing for the Canadian capital replete with MyPillow products. It’s a powerful reminder that everyone can stand alongside the brave protesters in their way. For Lindell and the MyPillow team, that means shipping their products.

The Freedom Convoy has made international news since settling into Ottawa proper at the end of January. Each day and night, thousands of truck drivers and supporters of their cause have parked vehicles, gathered in front of the parliament building, and lifted their voices in unison – all while maintaining civility. This is perhaps the starkest example of corporate media bias.

Unlike previous protests that devolved into lawlessness yet garnered the support of Trudeau himself (seen kneeling in support of Black Lives Matter here), the Freedom Convoy is actually a peaceful movement that has a specific goal. All these people want is the end of unnecessary and unethical vaccine mandates. On that matter, the tyrannical Trudeau has refused to budge.

Stay up to date on the development of MyPillow’s support of the Freedom Convoy. A complete livestream of the MyPillow team’s efforts goes lives at 12:30pm (EST) and can be viewed below:

Supporting causes of freedom is not new for Mike Lindell. While he has long been a relentless stalwart and advocate for all things related to liberty, his efforts have really been prominent since the 2020 presidential election. In addition to his shipment of MyPillow products in support of the anti-vaccine mandate Freedom Convoy, he has kept efforts alive to ascertain the truth of the electoral contest between former president Donald Trump and his successor Joe Biden.

To that end, last summer he held a three-day symposium to catalog what was perceived as blatant violations of election integrity. For his efforts, he was sued by companies operating certain voting machines. The lawsuits and cancellations have now become almost synonymous with Lindell.

Most recently, in another effort to silence and demonize him, Lindell was given notice that Minnesota Bank & Trust was closing his accounts effective February 18th. In this case, the cowardly bank executives made their decision for no other reason than he is an outspoken American patriot.

MyPillow put itself on the map for making great products. That reason alone is what caused it to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Now, though, the purchase of MyPillow products is a choice to support freedom at home and abroad. Lindell’s tireless efforts to ensure voters’ voices are heard fairly and now his push to provide comforts to the Freedom Convoy.

This story syndicated with permission from The Blue State Conservative

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