[WATCH] Purse Snatcher Gets What’s Coming to Him While Trying to Steal From Elderly

What should a good person do when they see evil afoot, when they see the innocent being preyed upon by sociopathic thugs? If within their rights to do so, many think they should take action. Perhaps there isn’t a legal duty to protect others, but it’s nice to see citizens stand up for one another.

Well, one man in Ohio recognized his moral duty to stand up for the weak and did so back in December of 2021 when he saw a thug assault an elderly woman and attempt to snatch her purse. Watch that here:

Rather than stand idly by and do nothing, a local hero, Deshawn Pressley, decided to stand up for one of his fellow citizens and take action to stop a crime.

Louder than Crowder, describing the incident, put it in hilarious, awesome terms, saying:

Our players here are Pat Goins (the woman), Deshawn Pressley (the hero), and Scumbag Jones (the scumbag). Pat Goins was doing her grocery shopping, no doubt buying ingredients to make cookies and gingerbread houses for her neighbors and the church. You know, like all sweet old ladies do. Scumbag Jones saw the 87-year-old alone, and in a moment of scumbaggery, stole Goins’s purse. Goins screamed loud enough for Deshawn to hear. Deshawn saw Goins scream and Jones running with a purse, put two and two together, and chased after Jones.

This is where Pressley caught up with Jones and body-slammed him to the pavement with such ease it should earn Deshawn a spot in the WWE’s new NIL program. Cops took Scumbag Jones away, where they will hopefully tell his cellmates that he tried to assault an old woman. As Jones was being hauled off, Pat Goins got the last word. She isn’t mad at Scumbag Jones. She’s just really disappointed in him.

Pat Goins, speaking about the incident, said “I think I was a little hurt that he would do that. I pointed at him and said, ‘If you needed something, all you had to do was ask.’”

Indeed. Many Americans are more than willing to help each other when they see people in need. Ms. Goins was willing to give money to those in need. Deshawn Pressley was willing to risk life and limb standing up for an elderly woman who was assaulting a robber.

But, despite that, there are those who think the only way to get what they want is by taking it. They steal, assault, and attack, attempting to use strength to infringe upon the rights of those who just want to go about their lives.

Those people are the wolves in our midst. The pedophiles, the robbers, the rapists, the homicidal maniacs that look at others not as fellow citizens or fellow children of God, but as potential victims that might be preyed upon if caught unawares or so weak that they’re unable to defend themselves.

Fortunately, there are good people out there, people like Mr. Pressley that will stand up for their neighbors and fellows despite the risk that comes with doing so.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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