WATCH: Rioters Chase Away Journalists Documenting Vandalism

If you’ve ever wondered why the media so poorly covers the far-left violence that has only been increasing in the streets of many American cities over the last six months, you may want to consider how these “protesters” treat members of the press who document their vandalism.

Remember the notorious CNN chyron—“fiery but mostly peaceful protests”?

The mainstream, corporate media is more than happy to run cover for and even go as far as to glorify these rioters.

But when local or independent journalists try to accurately convey what’s happening on the ground, they feel the wrath of jobless thugs who have made open domestic terrorism trendy.

Case in point:

Breitbart reports that in Portland, Oregon last week a local journalist and her crew were threatened and chased away by a group of masked thugs carrying on the crime and violence that has been raging in Rose City for nearly six months straight.

“In a video shared by Brenna Kelly from Fox12 in Portland, a group of protesters can be seen attempting to break the windows of a Starbucks. Another person appeared to be vandalizing an ATM machine. The video captured the moment when some of the protesters approached Kelly and her team shouting numerous expletives and telling them to stop recording,” Breitbart explains.

The reporter later explained that Starbucks employees scrambled to make sure the doors were locked as she and her crew sought refuge in the store.

When Starbucks employees are tasked with keeping members of the press safe during a “protest,” you know that it’s not a protest—and that something is seriously amiss.


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