WATCH: The One Woman Who Refused to Raise A Fist With Angry DC Mob

The dangers of cancel culture have taken a physical form.

Conservatives have long been warning that the trend of forming outraged, offended, hysterical, and entirely graceless internet outrage mobs could have despotic repercussions, but the left has nonetheless embraced the religious fervor of cancel culture. It’s raw political violence.

Internet outrage mobs, of course, are now all too commonly manifesting themselves in the real world, in the shape of violent mobs that literally demand random citizens agree with them or be shouted down…or worse.

As another American city breaks out in violent riots in reaction to the shooting of a reportedly unarmed black man before the pertinent details of the incident are known, a chilling scene in our nation’s capital is going viral for demonstrating what cancel culture looks like when it takes to the streets.

Unsuspecting diners outside an eatery in Washington, D.C. this week were apparently confronted by a mob of “protesters,” as we’re all casually calling these modern-day brown shirts, who demanded that patrons raise their fists in solidarity with them.

Just in case anyone has started to succumb to the brainwashing of the biased mainstream media’s coverage of this “protest movement,” demanding that random members of the public show solidarity with your cause is not protest, it’s bullying and intimidation.

When one brave woman refused to comply, as she is, in fact, an independent American who has a God-given right to believe whatever she wants, the mob shouted and chanted in her face “white silence is violence! White silence is violence!”

One might say that it is far more violent to shout in someone’s face and demand they make an arbitrary hand gesture in support of your ideologically-alienating ideas that you’re shouting at them about, but I don’t think these folks deal much in simple logic.


Also, as the Western Journal’s C. Thomas Golden notes, “in the time of COVID-19, they managed to do actual violence to her by screaming in her face.”

Another good point!

But never fear, as they were wearing masks:


Yeah, calm down guys.

Oh, wait…there was the person who yelled in her face while pulling her own face mask down.

Golden also claims that the following tweet was “mysteriously” concealed behind Twitter’s censorship wall:


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