White House Gears Up To Spin Failure To Reach July 4 Vaccination Goal

President Joe Biden is all set to reveal a five-point plan to get more people immunized against COVID after the White House failed to attain its July 4th goal of 70 percent of adults vaccinated.

The proposal put forward by the administration will include “door to door” vaccine safety and access outreach, which is supposed to make it easier for individuals to get vaccinated through their doctor’s office. The push will also include children as they gear up for “back to school” backups toward the end of summer vacation.

Biden’s administration is also looking to increase the use of mobile clinics and to work toward securing paid time off for individuals who take the vaccine.

via Washington Examiner:

Biden will detail his plan during a Tuesday afternoon address, touting the “strong progress” of his “robust vaccination campaign” despite falling short of his goal to inoculate 70% of adults with one shot against the virus, the White House official said.

“By the end of the week, the U.S. will be nearing 160 million people fully vaccinated, which is critically important as fully vaccinated people are protected against the delta variant,” the official stated.

Biden celebrated July Fourth at the White House on Sunday evening with a speech declaring the country was “emerging from the darkness of years, a year of pandemic and isolation, a year of pain, fear, and heartbreaking loss.” He went on to encourage people who had yet to roll up their sleeves to do so as “the best defense against these variants.”

Jeff Zients, Biden’s COVID-19 czar, had earlier appeared on the Sunday morning news shows to underscore that “two out of three adult Americans, those over 18, have received at least their first dose of the vaccination.”

“Younger people, particularly those in their 20s, have felt less vulnerable to the disease and, therefore, less eager to get shots,” he said while speaking with ABC. “They were made eligible later, so they have not been eligible as long, and we continue to see hundreds of thousands of young people vaccinated each week.”

The president announced the target goal of getting 70 percent of adults immunized by July 4th back in May. The White House admitted last month that they were going to fall short of the goal.



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