Why Biden Said He Hasn’t Addressed Portland Violence, and It’s Shameful

Last week’s first presidential debate had many noteworthy moments, many of them involving the candidates and moderators talking over one another. That is par for the course. No biggie.

You’ll find plenty of commentary across cable news and the internet right now discussing who won or lost, who had the best points or the worst moments, and the impact the debate will have on the election. This just in. It will have zero impact. The two sides are already dug in and the concept of the “undecideds” is overrated.

What I’d like to focus on, however, is the absurdity with which Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden navigated President Donald Trump’s very appropriate accusations that he’s been soft on BLM/Antifa violence throughout our cities this summer.

His answers were not only insufficient, they were downright insulting to an American public who has seen how little he’s done to condemn or denounce the radical progressive faction of his party and their violent supporters in the streets.

Biden, of course, has been soft on violence thanks to this pervasive influence of the radical left on his candidacy, an influence he also did a very poor job of explaining doesn’t exist.

When asked why he had not called the Democrat governor in Oregon to urge him to send the National Guard to Portland, which has seen months on end of violence and chaos at the hand of these radical “protesters,” Biden’s excuse was beyond pathetic.

“I don’t hold public office now. I am a former vice president. I made it clear in my public statements that the violence should be prosecuted,” Biden said.

Really? Does he mean the public statement he made only after it became clear that the similar riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin seemed to result in a notable dip in the polls on his behalf while Trump repeated the condemnation of far-left violence that has been consistent through the whole of his presidency?

Biden, as he stated, seems to believe that Oregon’s own elected officials “can in fact take care of it if you just stay out of the way.”

Interesting that his boss at the time, former President Obama, didn’t hesitate to dispatch USDOJ Attorney General and cop hater Eric Holder to meet with local officials during riots.

At this, Trump shut him down.

“Oh really? I sent in the U.S. marshals to get the killer in the middle of the street – they shot him,” he said, in reference to Aaron Danielson, who was shot and killed in cold blood by a professed “100% Antifa” rioter last month simply for being a Trump supporter.

The killer, Michael Reinoehl, was shot and killed by U.S. Marshalls fulfilling a warrant for his arrest when he drew a weapon on the federal agents.

As for Antifa, Biden dismissed the idea that this was an organized group by declaring that Antifa was “just an idea.”

National socialism was also “just an idea” in Hitler’s Germany, and look where that got its supporters and the politicians who authored and repeated the rhetoric.

Biden is using the same talking points that the most radical Antifa apologists use. If you put the web address www.antifa.com in a search engine it takes you directly to the Biden campaign website. The first stop after that is a fundraising link.

The Democrat Party has not only swallowed the progressive left’s narrative hook, line, and sinker, they are normalizing radicalism and standing idly by while it threatens American lives and communities.

At this point, you’d have to be seriously deluded to believe a word that Biden says.

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