Why Did BLM Remove Their “What We Believe” Page From Their Website?

It’s easy to be duped by the name of the group “Black Lives Matter,” and many people have.

Eager to prove that they agree that, indeed, black lives matter, many people blindly support the organization, that has openly declared quite radical, far-left views including the destruction of the family unit and capitalism.

Now, however, it appears that the group page’s controversial “What We Believe” page, which has long served to demonstrate exactly, well, what they believe, has been scrubbed from the site.

This seems highly deceptive at best. At worst deceitful.

Is this for the sake of the Democrat party, who relies heavily on the intersectional brownie points they get from such an organization but worry about the impact it will have on the average voter?

Disrn shared some of the “highlights” of the now-deleted page:

We are unapologetically Black in our positioning. In affirming that Black Lives Matter, we need not qualify our position. To love and desire freedom and justice for ourselves is a prerequisite for wanting the same for others.

We are self-reflexive and do the work required to dismantle cisgender privilege and uplift Black trans folk, especially Black trans women who continue to be disproportionately impacted by trans-antagonistic violence.

Do these sound like issues that would concern the average moderate voter?

Dismantling cisgender privilege?

I think iron range and rust belt voters are a little more concerned about more mainstream issues like jobs. They’re also probably a little repelled by this kind of garbage:

We engage comrades with the intent to learn about and connect with their contexts.

We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement…

Considering how well-documented their controversial beliefs are on the internet, it seems a little late to try to delete this group’s truly radical platform.

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