Why is the State Department Sending Money to Costa Rica for Gender Equality Training?

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

The 2020 porkulus monstrosity that was passed by Congress was a harsh reminder as to just how slimey the swamp really is.

Once again, American taxpayers are paying for all kinds of special interest causes and foreign initiatives that have absolutely nothing to do with fixing our economy or sending much-needed relief to millions impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

It’s not just items contained in the spending bill, either.

Our federal agencies are rife with examples of such spending, such as hundreds of thousands of dollars to increase the number of female police officers.

In Costa Rica.

On December 4th, 2020 The State Department issued a Notice of Funding Opportunity for a grant for $200,000.

According to the request, the grant money is to be spent through the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) to the Costa Rica National Police.

The purpose of the initiative is, “to develop a recruitment strategy focused on gender equality,” according to Just the News.

The NOFO details the specific purposes of this initiative to provide a means for “institutional meeting of women leaders in gender matters,” and  “empowerment of the police forces in the promotion of gender equity and prevention of gender violence in all its forms.”

Also, according to Just the News, Costa Rican Governing officials are trying to answer the question of why so few women are rising to leadership positions within law enforcement, in comparison to other fields.

“The grant will also help in the creation of reference material for Costa

Rica’s police department pertaining to a variety of gender-related matters, including sexual harassment and abuse,” the outlet stated.

Look, it’s bad enough we’re turning our own law enforcement agencies and branches of the military into social engineering experiments that always inevitably affirm the already undeniable biological fact that men and women are simply different.

There is no reason to intentionally place more women in positions of law enforcement if they’re not choosing it for themselves, and certainly not if they can meet the requirements made of any other police recruit.

Now our money is going to socially engineer police departments in other countries?

But don’t look over there. Nothing to see there. Pay attention to the discussion of whether people including illegal aliens should get stimulus checks for $600 or $2,000.

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