Why We Need Four More Years of Trump—The Future of Our Republic Is At Stake

Well, here we are, Election Day 2020.

The last year has been unlike any other in recent memory for our nation, and today, voters are finally finishing up the process of deciding who will take the reins of the Executive Branch, Congress, and state and local government over the next four years.

The importance of the democratic process has largely been lost on generations of poorly educated Americans, but the ability to voice our preferences for who shall make and execute the laws of our land are the pillars of our republic.

This isn’t simply poetic. It’s actually the way a republic functions. When our nation was founded, nation-states were typically run by sovereign monarchs who held supreme power over their populace. Since then, many tyrannical leaders have reserved authority for themselves alone—often using the vernacular of a “people’s movement,” as we have seen in the USSR, Communist China, North Korea, Communist Cuba, and other totalitarian regimes.

In the United States, however, the authority remains in the hands of the people—that is, as long as the Constitution including the sacred right to free speech, freedom of religion, private property rights, keeping and bearing arms, and participation in our democratic process are preserved.

Today, the American people are deciding between the continuation of this great American experiment in self-rule that has produced the freest and most prosperous populace the world has ever seen as guided by President Donald Trump—and the decided end to this experiment that Joe Biden, puddy in the hands of the radical, anti-American progressive left, promises.

President Trump must be elected today because it is the very process of electing officials to represent us rather than giving more power to an ever-growing tyrannical bureaucracy that is threatened by the platform of the radical left.

This year, it has never been more abundantly obvious that the Democrat Party is deliberately leading this nation towards ideological tyranny, organized lawlessness, and both medical and techno-fascism.

The Democrats are the party of digital suppression of speech, “woke” capitalism that treats conservatives, Trump supporters, and Christians like second-class citizens in a corporate social credit system.

They are the party of open borders, diminished sovereignty, and softness towards organized crime and human trafficking.

They are the party of violent mobs, dismantled police forces, and crime-ridden inner-city neighborhoods.

They are the party of failing schools, radical public-school indoctrination, and the bigotry of low expectations.

Nothing they stand for even remotely resembles the philosophy that lends itself to a thriving, free nation.

The choice is clear.

President Donald Trump has demonstrated to us over the last four years that he is one of the few people who is truly not afraid of the progressive left Thought Police who have long held our culture hostage to political correctness and critical race theory.

It’s impossible to look at these two candidates and genuinely argue that Joe Biden will preserve our liberties—so how can we possibly expect him to preserve our nation?

You are not just voting for Donald Trump today, folks. You are voting for the very future of our republic—or the realized dystopian dream of the progressive globalist elite.

Choose wisely—it may be the last time you have the right to.

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