Will Elon Musk be the Next “Suicide” Victim in the Line of People Attempting to Expose Epstein and His Clients?

Elon Musk is truly living in a no-s**** kind of world. He bought Twitter and then promptly said he’d be open to Donald Trump coming back. The billionaire then went on to say he would cast his ballot as a Republican for the first time ever, and he’s stated on multiple occasions that criminal warlords like George Soros and Hillary Clinton need to be investigated for their roles in global corruption.

It’s no wonder he had to tweet about any untimely death not being at his own hands.

Now we can add asking about the infamous Epstein/Maxwell client list to the growing panoply of reasons why he ought to be fearful for his life.

This guy really does not seem to possess an ounce of fear when it comes to directly confronting the forces of darkness at work in the world around us. While this is insanely brave, it might also be insanely stupid.

Then again, there’s a fine line between brave and stupid, isn’t there?

And that’s not to say that he shouldn’t continue to push forward, just that he might want to consider slowing down and tackling one issue at a time.

Musk took to Twitter to ask a question we’ve all wondered: Where is the client list leak from within the DOJ? The Department of Injustice was certainly adept at letting everyone know what kind of bagel topping Trump put on his breakfast, but when it comes to matters of supreme importance we are left holding empty bags.

“Only thing more remarkable than DOJ not leaking the list is that no one in the media cares. Doesn’t that seem odd?”

Odd, indeed. Fully admitting that comments like these have the tendency to rile up the wrong folks, Musk then followed up with a hilariously self-aware comment. “Sometimes I think my list of enemies is too short, so.”

Well, the comments he’s making are sure to solve that problem with a quickness.

Jeffrey Epstein allegedly committed suicide in 2019 while awaiting trial for his role in underage sex trafficking. Ghislaine Maxwell was recently found guilty on multiple accounts of exactly the same thing earlier in 2022. In both cases, utmost secrecy surrounded the entire affair. Despite being on suicide watch, Epstein was given an inordinate amount of time alone without being checked, video cameras were said to have failed, and both guards admitted to falling asleep on the job.

Now, we don’t know for sure, but it seems likely that there were quite a few powerful people from the realm of politics in Epstein’s client list who did not want their secret depraved activities to be broadcast to the public. And if that’s the case, you can infer these folks decided not to take a chance on Epstein squealing on them in order to reduce his prison sentence, so they “suicided” him behind bars.

As for Maxwell, her trial was conducted without a live feed – even though the world watched Derek Chaiuvin, Johnny Depp, and pretty everyone else that walks into a courtroom – and received paltry media attention despite being a veritable Who’s Who on the notorious island.

Louder With Crowder provided additional details on both Musk’s tweet and background on the ongoing mystery among Epstein and Maxwell.

“Ghislaine Maxwell is a convicted sex trafficker who obtained underage girls for prominent Democratic donor and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein “killed” “himself” in prison. Maxwell has not yet. Epstein had a number of powerful associates, such as Bill Clinton and Musk-nemesis Bill Gates. Maxwell is believed to have hooked up Epstein’s friends, as well. Yet, her client list remains a mystery.

The media seems uninterested in doing the shoe-leather reporting required to uncover the list of the world’s most powerful. However, if a rando on Twitter shares a meme that the former president likes, they will wind up at that person’s front door. So, Musk is just asking questions.”

This story syndicated with permission from The Blue State Conservative

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