Woman Decides to Take Justice into Her Own Hands When She Catches Wind That Her Husband is Allegedly Molesting Children She Looks After

Over the past weekend, a 50-year-old woman named Shanteari Weems shot her husband, a police officer that she was told abused three girls he was supposed to look after, in a DC-area hotel room. Louder with Crowder reported on that incident when it occurred, saying:

According to 7News on Your Side, police were called to a domestic disturbance at DC’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel. There Shanteari Weems, the woman, was barricaded in her hotel room and told police she had shot her husband. When asked why she shot her husband, Weems responded, “F*ck him. he’s a child molester.” That’s why. The wounds to the man aren’t life-threatening.

Weems went on to tell police that she ran a daycare center and that some of the children had recently told her that her husband had molested them. She only shot him when he came toward her. She had gone to the hotel to confront him with the allegations. She said she had contacted authorities about the allegations prior to the incident. 

The Baltimore police, commenting on the incident, said:

“I can tell you that Baltimore County detectives are currently monitoring the recent developments in Washington D.C. Due to the sensitive circumstances leading up to this incident, the Baltimore County Police Department continues to support the families impacted. As this investigation moves forward, the daycare facility located in Owings Mills remains closed.”

The Daily Mail has now provided more details about the incident, saying:

Now, Shanteari is behind bars on domestic violence and gun charges for shooting her husband, and her husband has been arrested for sexual abuse of children. 

He was arrested in the hospital on Thursday on suspicion of abusing three girls while working at his wife’s daycare. 

The Daily Mail added that she had scribbled a number of notes about her husband and what she wanted to happen, including “I want him to face the world as scum”, “I hope he gets beat up in jail”, and “I’m [going to] paralyze you.” She also apparently wrote “I want these kids to get justice, and you gonna pay” and “My only regret for me is that I didn’t put the bullet in your head.”

So she was unrepentant about the incident, viewing herself as the avenger of the molested girls.

A GoFundMe was set up to help pay Shanteari’s legal expenses, though it was apparently shut down by GoFundMe after raising about $3000 for her defense. Before it was shut down, the fund hoped to raise $200,000.

Though Ms. Weems’ motives are likely understandable to most readers, the incident shows that “vigilante” justice is not looked kindly upon by the police, and that it probably would have been wiser for her to just turn him in and avoid the chance of an incident that looks like an attempted case of vigilantism.

Ms. Weems, however, maintains that she only shot her husband when he lunged toward her and that she told the police about the accusations before the shooting incident.

This story syndicated with permission from Gen Z Conservative

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