Woman Shows That a Mother’s Love Knows No Bounds After Jumping Out of the Shower to Defend Family Against a Home Invader

A Milwaukee mother of two is being lauded as a hero after rushing to defend the lives of her children after a home invader threatened their safety. The woman, who has asked to remain anonymous, was in the middle of a shower when she heard her two teenagers begin to scream. She rushed into the bedroom to grab her gun and proceeded to fatally shoot the intruder while still dripping wet, according to reports.

Local news outlet KY3 summarized the harrowing details:

“A family of three is now traumatized after they say a strange man broke into their home, and the mother fatally shot him while defending her children, she claims.

A mother of two, who asked not to be identified, was showering before work Monday morning when she heard her children, ages 12 and 14, screaming from the living room.

Still dripping wet, she says she ran to her bedroom, grabbed her gun and faced down a strange man, who she claims broke into her home. She says the man charged, undeterred by her dogs, and she shot him in self-defense,.”

The unnamed mother continued to say that it all “happened so fast” and was a pure “adrenaline rush.”

Amazingly, the mother was arrested and questioned for several hours before being released. On one hand, the fatal shooting of a man does prompt questions. On the other hand, arresting a mother who likely called the police herself and who has two kids that can corroborate the story perfectly sounds like overkill. Arrest? 

This is also a perfect time to reiterate to every idiot leftist gun-control minion that gun control is a woman’s safety issue. Guns are the only equalizer in a battle of the sexes. Had the woman not owned the gun, it is frightening to think what could have happened in its absence. The man, who by all accounts was acting erratically, would easily have overpowered both the children and the lone woman.

This story, like so many others, should be shared with anyone who thinks the average citizen shouldn’t own guns. Then just call those same people pathetic morons for thinking stripping away gun rights will do anything to criminal behavior. And then go nuclear by asking them what happens to societies when only the government can possess guns.

Breitbart quoted a local community activist stepping up to defend the hero mother.

“[L]ocal community activist Bushraa Rahman reacting to the incident, saying, “She was scared because her children were there with her. So, she did what any mother would do. She defended her children. It was an act of self-defense.”

This story syndicated with permission from The Blue State Conservative

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