Women, Children, Abandoned By “Coyotes” In Arizona Desert

The radical, open-borders left loves to clutch pearls over “children in cages” and virtue signal their support for the poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free yet unable to find a border checkpoint to request asylum when they cross our border illegally.

They’ll dismiss their countrymen who advocate for strong border security as “racists” without a second thought and fire off brave and heroic tweets rambling about how “no human is illegal.”

But what you won’t find them doing is pausing for even one moment to learn more about what the human trafficking situation at our border is really like—least of all how disgusting and monstrous those who profit from the smuggling of human flesh are really like.

“Coyotes” are well-paid human smugglers who are often associated with criminal Mexican gangs and exploit Central American immigrants who seek to emigrate to the U.S. by charging them an exorbitant amount of money to facilitate their illegal entry into our country.

You won’t hear the left talking about this, but one recent incident highlighted just how little these coyotes care about human life, particularly when contrasted with the U.S. law enforcement officers charged with protecting our border who are often forced to resort to saving lives and rescuing women and children abandoned in the desert.

Breitbart reports that, on the evening of November 28th, the Tuscon Sector border patrol received two phone calls alerting them to the two migrant women and children who had been abandoned by smugglers.

The first alert led officials to the Tohono Oodham Indian Reservation, near the small town of San Miguel, Arizona, as told by officials. There they found a 19-year-old Guatemalan woman with her one-year-old toddler. The woman told the authorities that she and her child had been left behind when they were unable to keep up with the rest of the group that was being smuggled.

Less than an hour later, officials received another emergency alert, detailing a similar account of individuals being left at the border, only this time near Sasabe, Arizona. Responding to the call, agents arrived to find two 22-year-old Guatemalan women, each with a two-year-old child.

As per the responding officials, the account of the women’s’ abandonment was similar to the first incident: they’d been left behind due to their inability to keep pace with the rest of the group.

In a written statement, Tuscon border officials said, “Though many believe the Arizona desert is safer now than during summer, the risks of dehydration and hypothermia are extremely high during the winter months.”

Fortunately, all six women and children underwent medical examinations and were found to be in relatively good health. Along with these few, twenty-one other migrants were retrieved by Border Patrol over the weekend. Each incident took place in different locations along the Arizona-Mexico border.

Can you even imagine how many lives will be exploited and risked by these crooked coyotes should Joe Biden be sworn into office where he will be at the mercy of the radical left, who screams for open borders and abolishing ICE and CPB?

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