YUGE: Trump’s Social Media Platform Set To Launch Late February

As the Twitter censorship gets more and more egregious, slapping down speech that’s in no way illegal simply for going against the leftist narrative, the need for a widely agreed upon, conservative-focused alternative is becoming all the more necessary.

Parler was good, but never really got its mojo back after the sickening Amazon, Apple, and Google ban that took it down for months. Now it’s just full of spam and lots of dead accounts.

Similarly, there were high hopes for Gettr and Gab, but neither has quite the usefulness of Twitter. Gettr is too small and approaches an echo chamber full of suspicious-seeming Chinese accounts, though it is quite usable, and Gab is better on the number of users front, but the functionality is a good bit different than Twitter and it’s just not quite the same.

That’s where Trump’s long-anticipated social media app, Truth Social, comes into play.

On one hand, it will, if nothing else, give Trump an avenue to start tweeting again, something that’s been sorely missed since he was booted from Twitter and Facebook after the buffalo man roamed around the Capitol.

On the other, more important hand, it could be just the platform conservatives need. Promoted by Trump himself, it will certainly grow quickly (assuming the censors and Big Tech powers that be don’t find some way to shut it down, though that’s always a possibility) and hopefully include a larger cross-section of the public than more niche platforms like Gab and Getter.

So, with Truth Social, Trump-loving patriots will have a platform (hopefully) that they can rally around and use to communicate with each other and hear from the beloved former President. Further, as it’s based on Twitter, hopefully it will be at least as functional as Gettr.

Problem is, it’s been a long while since Trump was kicked off Big Tech platforms and we’re yet to be able to download Truth Social and indeed have heard relatively little about it despite investor enthusiasm in the SPAC released for it.

Well, big news just dropped, as Donald Trump Jr. posted on Twitter:

That’s right, it’s now up and running enough for Trump to be tweeting.

If this wasn’t just a gimmick and the app is actually usable enough for Trump to be posting on it, that means two things, both of which are awesome.

The first is that we could be getting our hands on Truth Social soon. The app store says it will be downloadable on February 21st and, if Trump’s first post on it is any indication, that might actually be a reality.

The second is that Trump is tweeting again, and on a platform that won’t be censoring him, so America will once again get to see all the awesome thoughts running through our former president’s mind. Hopefully he’s thought up a ton of good Jeb! Bush insults during his Twitter hiatus, those Jeb! slams were probably the best part of 2016.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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