Zogby Poll Reveals 20% Of Folks Who Voted For Biden Want Their Vote Back

There are apparently millions of people out there who are extremely disappointed with President Joe Biden and his complete train wreck of a term — which is only in its 9th month — and want their vote back. Much of this disdain is coming from the failed Afghanistan troop withdrawal that has left 13 U.S. military members dead and many American citizens stranded in the country.

According to the latest Zogby Poll  20 percent of voters “regret voting for President Biden.”

What’s really surprising is that 21 percent of Democrats regret casting a ballot for Joe Biden, along with 29 percent of the Republicans who voted for him. However, the overall hit Biden took on this poll was somewhat tempered by the fact only 14 percent of independents wanted to take their vote back.

via Washington Examiner:

Pollster Jonathan Zogby noted that while the 20% number may seem low, especially considering that 76% do not have regrets, it is extremely bad because of the closeness of many states Biden won in beating former President Donald Trump.

“On the surface, it doesn’t seem like much, especially if you look at the three-quarters of likely voters who did not regret their vote; 4% were not sure how they felt,” he went on to say.

He then added,

“if you take into consideration the size of the electorate, and how the last two presidential elections (2016 and 2020) were decided by tens of thousands of votes in a handful of battleground states, this could really hurt President Biden’s chances in 2024.”

Also notable is that he said the survey was taken before the Afghan withdrawal debacle that has made many voters eager for Biden to be punished, impeached, or resign. In a Rasmussen Reports survey this week, 52% called for his resignation. And a new Ipsos survey showed his approval at 46% and disapproval at 48%.

In the Zogby Poll, Biden’s base now appears shaky. While women and older voters have fewer regrets about their vote for him, younger and urban voters, as well as black and Hispanic people, were more regretful.

“Men (27% yes/70% no/3% not sure) were twice as likely to regret voting for Joe Biden than women (13% yes/82% no/5% not sure). Ethnicity also factored in how much voters expressed regret about voting for Biden: Hispanics (33% yes/63% no/4% not sure) and African Americans (25% yes/70% no/5% not sure) were more likely than white voters (16% yes/80% no/4% not sure) to regret voting for Biden,” Zogby’s analysis revealed.

“Where voters lived was also of significance when it came to whether voters’ regretted voting for President Biden. Urban voters (28% yes/67% no/4% not sure) were twice as likely to regret voting for Biden than suburban (14% yes/83% no/4%not sure) and rural voters (12% yes/86% no/3%not sure),” the pollster added.

“Even though Joe Biden has suffered humiliating defeats in recent weeks, he still has time to recover. One still gets the sense his ship is sinking fast, and he might not have any lifeboats aboard to save him. Biden’s low approval numbers, the botched withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, and inflation eating away the purchasing power of Americans are the president’s biggest problems now,” he stated.

“Come next poll, many more voters might be expressing regret if Biden and company do not score a victory soon,” Zogby concluded.

Well, his approval numbers will definitely continue their downward trend as the fallout from Afghanistan is still forthcoming. In light of this mess, Biden needs to call it quits, step down from office, and take responsibility for the actions he took that caused all of this chaos in the first place.

He won’t, but that’s what he should do.

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